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    Quit Your Job

    Quit Your Job

    I know there are many people out there who want to quit their job, but lacking the proper alternative and solution for it, they remain where they are. I have been in this kind of situation myself, for at least few years of my life, before I have resolved it permanently. So I have lot of experience in this and I understand the problem.

    This is the common situation found all over the world. We all do the best we can to organize our lives but we usually get stuck with the first solution we find. Even if we manage to change the job that we don`t like, we rarely replace it with something more valuable. This is a great challenge that most of us face but it`s doable, and I am writing this article to give you real solutions you can use to fix this!


    How I Did It


    I will not bother you with long stories here cause you can read my About me page instead. Take a look at who I am and if I am competent to talk about this subject in any way. I will just mention what is relevant here.

    As I said, I have been in this kind of situation. In my case, I hated my last job despite the fact that it was the “good” job. I worked less than 40 hours a week and it was well payed. Still, even thinking of it was making me sick to my stomach. It was repetitive in every way and I was stuck. Based on my previous experiences I knew that I won`t change anything by simply changing it for another one. After few years the same scenario would just repeat itself.

    The solution for the whole thing I found in online career and that is what I suggest you to do as well. Online alternatives and valuable possibilities are obscured by vast number of scams that people face first when they start searching for them. But, real one`s are out there and as I said, this article is about showing you where they are.


    What Does It take


    Now, I am make living as an independent entrepreneur, doing my business online. After all difficulties I went through to get where I am today I can tell you; it was more than worth it! Instead of tedious and pointless life of the company employee, I came to the vibrant and interesting career of endless possibilities.

    This kind of transformation seems to be big and it is big. But, what you most likely don`t know at this moment, is that it`s way easier to achieve than you think. Being entrepreneur means changing in the way we look at things. This is the problem for many. People tend to hold on to things that are familiar, even if they are dissatisfied with them.

    The part of my business today is about informing and teaching others how to start working for themselves. And I see that this attachment to things that don`t work is the biggest problem for most people. There are also obstacles of practical nature. People have many pressing obligations, families and kids that need to be taken care of, and that`s a full time commitment.

    But, the key in becoming the entrepreneur is knowledge and focus. And, the focus is easy if you have a proper knowledge.


    Affiliate Marketing


    I can`t organize other people`s life and I can`t make the necessary changes for them but what I can do is give the knowledge that is needed and show how it`s done. As I said, it`s way easier than you think.

    Affiliate marketing is amazing thing! Very few people utilize it as new career and it`s the shame cause it creates wonders when you properly learn how to do it. The possibilities are endless. Instead of working 9-5 every day, you can easily build a whole business around the interest you have, a hobby or something you know. And, you can earn way more than you did before. You work from home, having a lot of free time to pursue other interests or just spend more time with your families.

    In the beginning you will probably find yourself in the situation where you do your old job and in the same time starting your online business. This can be challenging. I did this by setting and hour a day to build my first website. Even small steps are going to take you where you need to be and if you just keep going, you will get there.

    WA Review

    WA Review

    The all knowledge you need to start building you online business is provided by Wealthy Affiliate. I will not get into details about it here because you need to do some research about it anyway. Instead, read my full review of it, just click on the picture to access it. →


    I will be with you every step on the way. Study the review, join for free and I recommend you to become premium member. I am giving you a bonus if you choose to go for premium membership within your first week. Take this opportunity, don`t miss it. It is like the gold under your feet. Don`t miss it just because you don`t feel like doing some digging to get it.

    If you have any questions, contact me. In the meantime, leave me a comment below!

    I will see you inside!



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      8 Responses to Quit Your Job

      1. G.C.Horton says:

        I’m grateful to be a member of Wealthy Affiliate.

        It’s no secret that the traditional jobs are vanishing. Even if you can find one, you’ll probably work harder, longer and for less pay than before. That’s just the economic world we live in. The internet has changed everything.

        The internet is like a big economic lever. If you’re on the wrong side of it, the lever crushes you. If you’re on the right side of it, it lifts you up.

        Instead of wishing that things were different, wouldn’t it be smarter to understand how to make this internet thing work for you?

        Billions of people are online and looking for stuff. If you help them find it, you can get paid very well. Imagine a million people giving you a dollar. If can be done and anyone with average intelligence can do.

        Wealthy Affiliate will teach everything you need to know, but it will take time, every real business does. It’s free to join so give it go, build an online business you enjoy and then quit your job!

        • Igor.P says:


          I totally agree with you. It`s not only smart to do the effort and learn how internet work, but also highly beneficial. It gives us so much and it`s pity to not use it to our favor. You are right, WA really teach people all they need to know. Nothing else is needed.

          Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!

      2. angelce903 says:

        Congratulations for being an independent entrepreneur and making a living with your blog! You have already reached the point where I want to be in the next 5 years. It’s true that WA is a great place to learn how to be independent and how to make money from blogs. However, you must think twice before quitting your job. Make sure that your blog are already operational and that you can afford to live with your business only. Anyhow, great job!

        • Igor.P says:


          I agree with you, it`s better to make sure that things are working well before you quit your job. But I guess, we are all different, and fix this individually, in different ways. One thing is for sure, if you are doing the training in WA you will become independent entrepreneur way faster, than 5 years period.

          Wish you all the best and thanks for the comment! I appreciate it!


      3. Chris says:

        It’s amazing that I should end up on this page as I just signed up for the WA about a month ago! I was unsure about how legit they were at first but those worries soon melted away! I am currently working my way through all their tutorials and loving every minute of it! Tell me, how long have you been a member for and did they help you build this website?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Chris!

          I understand your doubt, it is natural and actually good thing to be cautious. When I joined WA, 5 months ago, I was in no way a beginner but quite experienced marketer. Still, I went through the training(still doing it), and l improved my game even further. I am always open to learn and that is the secret to my success.

          This website is the result of all my knowledge and some things came through WA methods. Trust me when I tell you, there is no better education out there and even experienced marketers can learn a lot. On top of that, the WA affiliate gives you advantage in so many ways through different features that you can`t find anywhere else. Just keep going and you will build a great business.

          Thank you for the comment!

          All the best!

      4. Edward says:

        Hi Igor, I read about your story in your ‘about me’ page and you are at where I want to be someday! I, too have the same aspirations as you do in making a living online. I’m glad I came across WA as I’ve bought into several online opportunities scams too. Your story is inspiring and so is your determination to make it work. Wish you all the best and keep up the good work!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Edward!

          I am glad that you found Wealthy Affiliate cause it means that you will succeed. Just like I did. I am sure that you have seen by now how good the training is and all you need to do is to keep going. The rest is simply a matter of time. I am also glad that you found my story inspiring. If I could do it, so can you, and everybody else who really wants it.

          Thanks for the comment and I wish you all the best!

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