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    In general I do not understand why would anybody look for any specific reasons to become an entrepreneur, besides the obvious one. Personally, I have never even thought about that during the process of becoming one. I just knew I needed to do it, learn it, build it and develop it.

    There were some difficulties in the process but they were all related to not being on the right track from beginning. Ultimately, all we need is a good business opportunity that we can take, and we may find ourselves waiting for a while for it to appear. In time they will, but we need to have or develop some patience!

    In order to become a successful entrepreneur we need to develop a proper business mindset, cause it does not come naturally. When I look back at the path I traveled in order to become an entrepreneur, I realize how much I have learned. I have skills that I did not have before, and they are all necessary in order to be successful.


    The Reason


    The one obvious reason to become an entrepreneur covers it all;- the independence in work and life! Vast majority of people today are in the position of the worker(employee). I will not argue whether this is a good thing to be or not, but to me, working for others has been a pretty negative experience.

    I have recently written an article about the difference between these two worlds; entrepreneurship and employment. If you need some more detailed reasons I suggest you to read it HERE!

    Our work life takes a big part of our lives and that is the reality that we all share. We all do something and if we do not have the freedom to be creative and constructive in this field, we suffer, one way or another. I know I did! So this is the only reason we need that will push us to become an entrepreneur. At least this is the way I see it.

    Starting to work for myself has drastically changed my life situation. I always believed this change would be a great one, once I get it done. In fact, it is a way better than I could imagine. As an online entrepreneur I am FREE to work as much as I want, at times I choose. And I can always affect and increase the level of my earnings. These were things I could not even think of when I was a slave, working for others.


    Business Mindset




    The entrepreneurial mindset does not come naturally in this world. In fact, the collective programming affects people to accept the destiny of the employee. You can break out of this only on the individual level. I guess most of people will remain in this reality but it is not carved in stone. It can be changed and it is easier to change than most people believe.

    Business mindset is different from the ordinary mindset in one important aspect. Regular people react to things and events in their surroundings and that is limiting in many ways. Entrepreneurs do not react but thing proactively, which is a very effective and more balanced approach to things.

    This means that you think with greater focus. You know what you need to do and you do it without much mental chatter in your mind. In times when you can not do much to push your business forward, you have patience cause you know that new openings will come. Patience is a crucial aspect of business mindset. You will never become successful businessman without it.

    I am not saying that entrepreneurs are more advanced people, but entrepreneurial skills are giving them advantage. Especially when they get to the point of tasting the success and experience the pleasure of it, you will never look back at difficulties you eventually needed to go through.


    Back in times when I was employee, I was constantly tired. I could not be creative in any way and that is what I missed all the time. The money I was making was just enough to pay my bills and survive, while I was making my employer rich. Not much of a life!

    But now, every day is different. I have some routines in my work but also regular new projects. I am free to do whatever I want with my business, whenever I want it. I got the balance between my professional and personal life. At the moment I am writing this article I make around 4 times more than my last job working 15-20 hours a week.

    Within a year from now, I will probably double this level of earnings. Such thing is impossible when you work for others, of course. Do you need any other reasons to become an entrepreneur?

    But let me tell you one last thing that is maybe the best of it all. Becoming the entrepreneur will change you inside in the way that is very difficult to explain. It develops your personal power by enriching you in more ways that you can imagine and predict. You develop in the pace as you develop your business. Once you become a businessman, you will always be businessman!


    I hope this article gave you some value. Leave me a comment below if you have any input regarding this subject!



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