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    Residual Income Opportunity

    Residual Income Opportunity

    After a few years of search for the best and most suitable opportunities for residual income, I have at one point even given up. I wasn`t getting anywhere and tired of trying, testing and wasting my time. But strangely enough, a help came from the most unexpected direction.

    I got in touch with an associate that I have even forgot about, and he helped me out giving me one of the most valuable information I have ever received. He told me about Wealthy Affiliate and that changed my working life forever. This happened like, less than a year ago.

    Now, let me tell you about something even more strange. Just 2 months ago the same thing happened again, but this time in opposite direction. I gave him a tip about an incredible business opportunity that I was doing. Needless to say he acted immediately and now, we both do these two same businesses and thrive like never before.


    To Do or Not To Do!

    I don`t know about you who is reading this article, you must have been looking for some real business possibilities? Otherwise, you would not be here reading this article. Maybe you want to change your career all together, or just to find a way to make some extra money.

    Well, I am writing this post to tell you about two best business opportunities that exist in the world today, at least when it comes to online world. Pretty big words, ha!?

    I am sure that you have been encountering big claims and promises before. Every online scammer is using them regularly, and probably 90% of all “opportunities” and business programs out there are pure junk. Statistically speaking, I should be one of them but that will be up to you to decide. You can never be 100% sure before you take a closer look.

    The thing is, I am not making you any promises and I am not giving you any shortcuts and easy solutions. The info I am about to give you is life changing but it is not about push-button, magical software kind of thing, where you set it and forget it. It will take some work and focus but if you do it the results will be there, guaranteed!

    You can throw away these pearls and disregard them completely. I don`t mind, it`s YOUR LIFE not mine. It doesn`t change the fact that I am the luckiest guy in the world cause I used these same opportunities to my favor. But, I`ll drop this empty talk now, so let`s get down to the business!


    Affiliate marketing

    Wealthy Affiliate Review

    Wealthy Affiliate Review HERE

    In order to create and build any kind of residual income online, the affiliate marketing is impossible to avoid. And why would you, it is phenomenal thing once you understand and learn it. I have already mentioned my associate that gave me the tip about Wealthy Affiliate. So, what is it? The WA is by far, the best and probably only complete educational program in the world that teaches affiliate marketing! In practical terms this mean that you will learn how to turn anything you want into long term, profitable business.

    Think about it for a moment! This goes beyond just some residual income online. I know, when I first started my thought was to find something that will be like a small addition to my economy. That was all I thought was possible to do and therefore, that was all I was focused upon. But now, there is no additional income. Affiliate marketing is all I do. There is no need for additional income.

    I will not go into much details about WA here. Instead, read my full and detailed review of it by clicking on the picture. The great thing with this program is that it gives you the opportunity to have a very good peek for free before you decide to join as a premium member. On top of that, you can remain as a free member forever, and you can still build your business out of that. Simply amazing!
    So, you were looking for some opportunities for residual income? You have just found one, the MAJOR ONE! Lucky you, go celebrate! But, don`t take it too long cause here comes another one!


    Mobile business

    Shopping Sherlock Review HERE

    Shopping Sherlock Review HERE

    In the beginning of april this year (2015), I met the guy online who asked me if I would like to join the mobile business sharing free apps and getting payed in the process. Well, it did sound good but being skeptical as I am, I wasn`t so quick to get into another thing. At that time my affiliate business was growing so nicely and I was more than satisfied with it.

    To tell you the truth, after those years of futile attempts to get something going online I developed a very strong kind of attitude- things being too good to be true. But, the WA changed that because it was too good to be true, and it is true! So, the old attitude wasn`t valid anymore. Still, I did my research and realized that it is real. The company was real, people behind it were real, so I decided to give it a try. I joined by the end of april.

    Long story short, this is the tip I gave to my associate who gave me the tip about WA. The name of this company is Shopping Sherlock and it has only one product- the search engine in form of app that does only one thing- finding you the best price for the product you seek to buy online. This company pays it´s distributors to share the app for free. When users use the app, you are payed by the activity of usage. This means that you are payed even if users only use it to check for the prices of products, without actually buying anything.

    This business is amazing. I have made in depth review of it where I put more than just necessary details. At this point, this business is really taking. It is a bit different than WA but so closely connected cause they are both in the category of affiliate marketing. Click on the picture to come to the review.

    Now, you can go back to you celebrations and continue all night if you want. Well, you definitely have a reason for it. Contact me if you have any questions about and don`t forget to LEAVE ME THE COMMENT below!


    All the best


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      10 Responses to Residual Income Opportunities

      1. Shrey says:

        I need to know more about WA.How much time will it take me to be financially independent and max how much time I need to invest on this on a daily basis??
        What other benefits WA has to offer and how is it different from other online money making programs ??

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Shrey!

          Let me answer your questions one at the time. Wealthy Affiliate is so different from everything else out there that it`s very difficult to explain in just few words. The training program that WA offers is total! This means that no stone is left unturned. It`s like Harvard of affiliate education. Once you have assimilated the education from WA, you are set for life and you will always be able to work for yourself, being totally independent of what is happening in the global economics. No other affiliate program come even close to this level of education and implementation.

          How long time will it take for you, or anybody else, to reach your financial goals- depends only on you! If you set aside one to two hours a day to learn and implement the training, you can expect results in matter of months. You need to be aware that it takes time to build the business from ground up. You first build, then you see results. The point I am making here is this; You can`t fail unless you give up.

          I hope the answers are clear enough and if you have any other questions, just let me know!

          Thanks for the inquiry and comment!


      2. Neil says:

        I have heard about residual income before, and that it’s one of the best and smartest ways to earn money in the world. In your personal opinion, do you believe this to be true about passive income?

        Affiliate Marketing is something I have also come across, and the possibilities of making a full time income online with this business model are absolutely amazing.

        Thank You for sharing your review of Wealthy Affiliate, and I will definitel click on the picture to find out more information about the platform.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Neil!

          Do I believe that to be true about passive income? No, believe has nothing to do with it! I am living example of it, so there is no place for belief. Affiliate marketing is such a great thing. It gives power to regular people to free themselves from work slavery. I joined it, used it, and will be doing it forever. I just love everything I am doing on every day basis with my website and business contacts. New things come every day. It`s vibrant, always new and fresh, interesting, and I make more money that ever before.

          Every effort you make to learn and build will pay you back many times over! Check the info and let me know if you need any assistance. I am here to help!

          Thanks for the comment!


      3. roamy says:

        Like most people I’m looking to earn online and that’s how I got to your site.
        lm not only looking to earn but preferably residual so my earlier work can pay in the future.
        l only had ideas but did not know where to start, you have explained things so well and in an easy to understand way that even a newbie like myself can understand.
        l guess now I have to follow what l have learned from you.Just hope I can contact you and get an answer if I’m stuck and need help.
        l would really like to start in affiliate marketing, any more tips?any more programmes you can recommend?thanks

        • Igor.P says:


          Have in mind that you can contact me any time for whatever you need! The only advice I have now is this; go to my page, join the WA, and after that we will take every step as it comes. I will assist you all the way!

          As for other affiliate programs, just forget about them. The WA is the ultimate! You will fully understand first after you have done some training in it. Trust me on this, there is no need to waste your time on trial and error with other affiliate programs anymore.

          Thanks for the comment and it will be amazing to see you inside!


      4. Neil says:

        Hey, I.P!

        To be quite honest with you, I had also given up on the idea of trying to earn residual income a few years back because it seemed whatever I did just wasn’t working!

        However, I had a lightbulb moment and I discovered my failure was purely down to program hopping and not “Learning How to Earn!”

        Once I learned this, I tried again and actually started to succeed online with Thanks to the right online business training platform I found on the internet.

        I have also heard a lot of great things about Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing in general, where residual income is concerned.

        Thank You for this article about the residual income opportunities :)


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Neil!

          I believe many people went through the same kind of experience but it´s good that you came back on track and are working on it again. If you are member of WA, you are on the right place, no question about it.

          All the best with your business, and thanks for the comment!


      5. Jacob says:

        I am actually looking for more income opportunities and hopefully able to turn it to a full time job once it gets more stabilized. Do you think these programs you mentioned can help me fulfill that? I do not want to be wasting my money away and ended up not earning much. I don’t mind taking time to earn money but I am looking for stability.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Jacob!

          Thanks for such amazing question, honest and right to the point. I strongly believe that every single person who ever looked for opportunities to make money online, actually looked to achieve the same thing you are talking about. We all do it because we want a stability through regular income on our own, not being dependent on job situations in the environment we live in. We want freedom, and of course we all want results as soon is possible. We don`t do it because affiliate marketing, network marketing, or whatever, is our life calling. Or because we love it. We do it to make money!

          Honestly, parts of the jobs I do today, I still do not like. Social media marketing is such example. I learned to like it because I need it for my business, but I certainly do not love it. My point is, you have the possibility to succeed with the programs I mention, cause they are real and legit, but that is only a part of it. Learning how to do it, will definitely take time and effort. Awards are great, but during the time when not much is happening in terms of profit, you will probably doubt things, just like I and almost all others did.

          Serious profits are more than possible, but you have to develop a serious business first. We kind of live for the future, you do the work first, then you get your rewards. But if you can change your mindset, develop patience, and learn to think the way entrepreneurs do, the success is unavoidable. That is the secret with it all. It all depends on ourselves individually, and knowledge. It will help a lot if you prepare yourself for the journey, without being focused much on the results in the beginning. Give it a time it needs.

          Wish you all the luck, and good work! All the best to you my friend!


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