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    Online Business

    Online Business

    Being primarily focused to help the first time entrepreneurs on this website, I wanted to give you a closer look into what it means to run an online business. This is a first article in which I am targeting to give you a glimpse of that, all in order to help you be better prepared before you actually start with it.

    I know as a fact that many people are looking for the possibility to start working for themselves, and since I went through the process myself, I know all about the challenges that are on that path.

    We need to learn to separate our subjective approaches and views on things from objective ones. That is a starting point with all new information we receive. Once we learn what is real and what is not, things become clear and we can start our businesses pretty easy. The truth really sets us free!


    Rigidity and flexibility


    There is one thing I want to point out right away! When you first start looking for the information about online businesses, you are actually looking for proven ways of doing that. Proven ways exist, but in reality its not that simple. Just because they exist it does not mean you just blindly repeat some steps and produce income out of that.

    Vast majority of online business opportunities are within the field of affiliate marketing and it can be done the right way or the wrong way. But what I am trying to say is that once you learn the right way, you need to add your personal touch to it.

    Those proven ways are the blueprint but if you will not add your true self to it, it would be rigid and stiff and most likely, it will not be trusted. It will fail! So this is one of challenges and probably the biggest one.

    You are most likely in the same position where I was some years ago. You are looking for the solution to do something for yourself, but you have no idea where and how to start. But that is the starting point for everybody. You will inevitably get hit and fail few times on this path, but unless you give up, you will eventually arrive to your destination.

    So you start by learning the blueprints of how things work and that process is little rigid. You can not avoid that and you do not need to. All your actions at this phase will be repetitive, almost robot-like. But that is normal and I would advise you to embrace it. This phase will last until you reach the level of flexibility.


    Expanding to flexibility




    So the learning phase is unavoidable. You have to start somewhere, right! Just do it, you need to break this level once and for all in order to become an entrepreneur. In this phase you can not expect to see profits. Keep that in mind in order to avoid any discouragements and disappointments.

    Profits will appear first when you get to the next phase. The phase of flexibility, which is in fact creativity. At this point you have learned most of the business blueprint and methods and now you can add your personal touch to it. Make it your own and authentic.

    You are you and nobody can do your business like you do it. Of course, you will need to have some confidence in yourself but it will come naturally after you learned what was needed in previous phase. Yes, you will still be learning and learning process will never stop.
    But here the learning is different. It will be more like putting some ornaments on something that is already built. Let me put it in more practical terms.


    In More Practical Terms


    Lets say you are selling shoes online, that is your business. You install you website and you build it up(the first phase), but there are many other websites who do the same. So how would you be different and make it all work? Well, by adding what is uniquely yours!

    It could be a different way of advertising that people will respond to in more positive manner. Or, your website may be irresistible and attractive once they get to it because you simply designed it in a more unconventional way.

    You dared to be yourself and original. You do not care to please search engines but people. This is the phase when you will see profits, and lots of it! You will sell many shoes despite the fact that many other people sell them too.

    This is also a fun part of it. Everything is already in place and working well. All that is left for you to do is to keep it alive and enjoy the fruits of your work.

    It is also important to keep one thing in mind at all times! You build your business first before you see the profits. Even though this is logical,many people miss that and get disappointed when profits do not show up soon enough.

    It is just like with building the house; you do not finally move in before you finished building it first, do you?

    Let me give you just one more pointer. Working for yourself is about being an entrepreneur, not about doing some steps in certain progression. You need to invest yourself in it. I know that this may repel and confuse you at first, but you should not take it in such way. Actually, it is very giving and rewarding!

    When it comes to learning the business, including the flexibility, creativity and all tools needed to do it, there is the ultimate resource available for everyone. It is the WEALTHY AFFILIATE! It is all that you will ever need in order to start, develop and successfully run your own and unique business that will support you for the lifetime.

    Just step into it. It is like stepping into unknown, but why not! Rewards for the brave are beyond amazing.

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