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    If you are looking for a powerful and fast way to save money, this is a best thing I know that can give you that. Of course, saving money can be done in many ways, and many of those ways are related to ego and our lifestyle, but this is a different subject and that is not what we will talk about here.

    I am talking about Sherlock Shopping, the online application designed to do exactly what we are talking about here,; save you money and time! In the same time, I am giving you a summary report of it, cause I have been using it myself since the April 2015 and I want to give you little more details and results of my usage.


    New Logo

    New Logo


    I have already published a few posts about this application and informed people about it. There has been a pretty significant number of downloads so far, over 1600, and it is growing by the day.


    What is Sherlock Shopping?


    It is not necessary to get into much details about it here, cause you need to go to the main page to download the app anyway, and you have all the info there already. But for the sake of clarity, I will just go through basics here.

    On the main page I have also described updates and improvements to this application that has been introduced in September 2015, and there will even further additions coming later this year. The main page is found here – Sherlock Shopping App – Update

    It is made primarily to work as app, but there is a desktop version as well. I personally use desktop, but the choice is yours. It is a search engine designed to find you the best deal on any product you look for to buy, online or offline. And it is free, all you need to do is download it and sign up using the invite code 841313. That is all.


    My usage experience


    As I said, I have been introduced to this application back in april last year (2015) and I was using it since then. In the beginning I was not using it much simply because I am not a great shopper. But the truth is, we all need to buy stuff from time to time so slowly I started using it to look for things I needed.

    It takes only like 10-15 seconds to perform the search, so it is not complicated. It is actually my girlfriend who noticed Daily Deals first, a section of the app that is focused primarily on your local market. We really did some great purchases there and saved some money. First thing we bought was a set of 3 travel hard cases for $130, a price reduced by 60%.

    After that we bought some other small items, but I was totally sold when I found and purchased our vacation trip to Greece last summer, with the heavy discount on the price. I saved $1100 on it, and that was the best deal I made so far. By the end of the last year (2015), I ended up saving $1950 all together. Not bad at all!

    The company came out with some stats. It said that average user (which means 4-6 searches per month), ends up saving between $200 and $300. When I calculate all my savings ($1950), and divide it by the number of months (8), it fits these statistics. But that is the average.

    The truth is, some months I was in need for some things, and some not. But it is worth using so I have developed the habit now to check with Sherlock every time I need something to buy. It takes only 10-15 seconds to perform the search.


    SS menu

    SS menu


    Note one thing that I noticed a few months ago when I was looking for the best deal on smartphones. One day I did the search and found no satisfactory results. It happens often, it does not mean that you will find some great discounts every time you look. But when I looked again, a few days later, I found some great deals that was not there few days before.

    It is easy to overlook that the market is alive and things change constantly. One day your product is there, but people buy things and it may be gone if you look for it later. It is good to have that in mind, so keep using it!

    The app gave me some really good value so I thought you may want to use it too. After all it is free, so you can not lose anything, only gain. I wanted to give you this summary for the whole last year, so you can have a more clear picture of what you can expect. So go to the main page and grab the app. And have fun with it.

    I appreciate comments so, leave me few below!



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      16 Responses to Save Money Fast – Sherlock Shopping 2015 summary report

      1. Magnus says:

        Hi! I just saw this article and I want to leave a comment regarding something you have mentioned in it. I have been using this app since august last year, so it is a shorter period of time. I love the app, it does the work and costs nothing. I did not save as much as you, but I did save almost 4000 SEK, which is around $500. One thing I wanted to comment is about what you said- keep using it. This is exactly my experience of it. Sometimes when I looked for my products there were not many good options, but few days later I would find many great discounts. So I agree, it is only to keep digging. It is worth doing cause I could use the money I saved on something else. That is all I wanted to say. Thanks!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Magnus!

          Yes, I think everybody who use the app comes to the same conclusion. As I have pointed out in the article, the market is a living thing. Vendors present their products and they get sold. Since Sherlock specifically focus on discounts, they go quickly. But as they go new products come up so that is why it is important to keep checking regularly. I think you expressed that nicely – keep digging! Very well said!

          I wish you even better savings in the coming year. Thanks for the comment!

      2. says:

        Sherlock shopping? I cant say I’ve ever heard of it, but it looks like it could be something worth downloading… can you find basically anything on here, depending upon the time you search?
        How does the buyer experience compare to sites/apps such as ebay or amazon?
        And can you also sell products on the app? Or do you have to be registered separately to sell?
        Many thanks,

        • Igor.P says:


          Yes, you can find just about anything there. You got separate sections for retail products, flights, hotel rooms and daily deals that mu girlfriend think is the best of them all. That is because she is shopper and you can always find heavy discounts there. With daily deals you have the possibility to see what is out there in your city area and monitor it easily.

          The time means the possibility to monitor the market. The market is alive and products come and go. When you are look for something you need to buy, it is a good idea to check more often so you do not miss it. When I found my trip to Greece last summer I found it by the third attempt. I got it and saved $1100.

          You ask me to compare it with Amazon and Ebay! Well get the app, perform one search and see for yourself. It contains Amazon, Ebay, and everything else that is globally and locally out there. Sherlock works as search engine to find you the best deal/price by collecting them all into one platform in order for you to be able to compare and select. It is all there, so it saves you time.

          Yes, vendors can place their own products on it since September 2015, and it is done through Sherlock Local. The distributor signs the company and their products got placed there for a very small percentage that beats all other systems out there in the world who offer the same possibility. But that is the business side of it.

          Thanks for the questions and comment. Enjoy your app!

      3. Johnson says:

        That was a very useful and informative review on sherlock shopping. I certainly had no idea about such an app and what it does and how it is used.

        You’re have carefully explained briefly the significant of this sherlock shopping app and i’m hoping to get more detailed information when i visit the main page like you suggested. Cheers

        • Igor.P says:


          You will definitely find more detailed info on the next page. I made sure that everybody get all the info there is. I have also put addition info and instructions given by one of Sherlock distributors on video. Take a moment and go through it.

          Thanks for the comment!

      4. Roope says:

        Thank you for sharing. $1950 saves in 8 months it’s not bad. Sherlock shopping certainly seems to be worth trying. The problem with some of the quite similar websites has been that they are not available here in Finland. But I hope that Sherlock is. I will take a further look in it. I’m also traveling a lot so it may be useful.

        • Igor.P says:


          Well, you don`t have to worry cause Finland is in the register of countries where it is available, so grab it and have fun. I have already described what it did for me so go ahead and see if you can use it in similar fashion and achieve the same outcome.

          Enjoy, and thanks for the comment!

      5. Nicki says:

        I’ve never heard of this app before. Does it offer discounts through different stores, or does it sell direct to you?
        I use several different apps and programs to help save on the stuff I buy, so more information on this sherlock shopping would be great. Do you have a more in depth article available?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Nicki!

          Yes, I have a separate page of it where detailed explanation of it has been given, and the link is on this page. It is very visible but you have missed it. Nevertheless, you can find it here:

          The beauty of Sherlock app is that it puts all together in one place, so you do not have to use many different apps to do the same job and get the same results. It works like Google, it is a search engine. Sherlock does not sell you anything, it finds you the best deal instead.

          I hope this helps, thanks for the inquiry!


      6. Naeem says:

        Hi Igor,

        Lovely little article you have her based on the Sherlock shopping app, I am really impressed with how much this app actually has to offer. I downloaded it using your referral code and believe this will save me a lot of money when I need it. I also managed to have a look at the affiliate program, which looks very lucrative based on your review, however just need to contemplate the license fee. Anyway thank you for a great article and introducing me to Sherlock shopping. Thanks Naeem

        • Igor.P says:


          Yes it is very useful thing, as you can see it in the report, it gave me a lot. I am still using it and many things I now buy online only. It works for me because I hate shopping and it definitely gives me the possibility to avoid it.

          The business itself is amazing but I guess nothing works for everybody. Some people find the license fee too big, but feel free to check it out and contact me if you need any help with it. I am glad that the article gave you some informational value.

          Thanks for stopping by and for sharing!


      7. Daveking71 says:

        What a great app! The way my fiancee spends money its certainly worth a shot. must admit im going to give it a go on the main page and download the app, im taking it can be used in the uk? thank you igor for saving money especially with our wedding coming up! :)

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Dave!

          Well, it looks to me that you will enjoy this app. Yes, it is working in UK, so no need to worry about it. The only thing is to convince your fiancee to use it repeatedly, otherwise you won`t reap any benefits from it. I wish you great savings and big congratulations! I wish you all the best and very happy life.

          Thanks for stopping by and for the comment!


      8. Melisse says:

        Saving money is always helpful. I love that there are a lot of ways to save online. I’ve never heard of sherlock before and I’m excited to hear of it. Thanks for the reminder to be patient. That’s fantastic advice when making a big purchase. Are there any other sites or apps you recommend?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Melisse!

          I recommend Sherlock because I know what it does and that it works well. I know also that it is unique cause it is a search engine in difference to other apps that are the extension of existing business. Besides this, I don`t know much about them so I can not recommend anything. But if you find something that isworth using come back and tell me.

          In the meantime, thanks for the comment!


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