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    Saving Money

    Saving Money

    Correct me if you think I am wrong, but I believe that we all have the need to save some money as we go through our lives. Well, maybe not all of us. I actually know a guy here in Gothenburg (Sweden) where I live, who is very rich, a multi-millionaire. He would not bother to read this article cause he doesn`t need it in any way. But, most of us could use a useful tip on how to really save money. Especially, if it`s a very smart way of doing that.

    Even though my business is going really well and I am good economically, I don`t waste money. It`s just the way I am. And, I have a good tip about something that I have been using for some time now that helps me do that, very effectively. That is why I am writing this article. To tell you about it, so that you can use it too!


    The Tip


    I have been engaged in mobile e-commerce business for some time now and it brought some pleasant surprises to me. The business is very good but it is all about the app that is designed to save money, primarily when buying online.

    To be honest, I have never been a great shopper at all, either in real life or online. On the other hand, I have a girlfriend who is great shopper, and she buys many things for me that I would otherwise need to buy for myself. Lucky me! But, it doesn`t change the fact that we all need to purchase some things in order to get our lives going; food, clothing, gadgets, hotel rooms and flights for vacation…. and so on! I am not exception to that in any way.

    As I started working with this app, I needed to start using it myself first. The last thing I needed is to use apps, to be honest. I even use the desktop version of it, but that is beside the point here. The point is, I didn`t feel like doing that, at all. But business is business, so I started slowly.

    After I made couple of searches for products I was remotely interested in, I found some really good prices. The search goes very quickly, within seconds, you just type in the name of the product and that`s all. That triggered my interest, so I wanted to see if it can continue doing that. That was back in April this year (2015), and I didn`t stop since then.

    I was completely sold when I found and bought the vacation trip to Greece this summer and saved $1100 on it. All included, the flight and hotel! That was the major breakthrough for me. Now I diligently share this app with everybody. But funny thing is that now, whenever I need to buy something, I check with the app first. Sometimes I buy the item directly within the app and so far I bought 5 things this way, including the vacation trip. All together I saved around $1500 so far.

    But sometimes I find it on the app and go to the actual store to see it before I buy it. The point is, this app finds and shows you the best price for what you are looking for, and it does that really effectively. It works very, very well!


    It Is FREE!


    The app I am talking about is Shopping Sherlock app. It is FREE to download and use without limit. You will only need the invite code to register and it`s yours forever. It is also very easy to use and I recommend it highly. Even for somebody like me, it was the most pleasant surprise. My personal favorite part of it is daily deals, where you can find the deals within the particular city area. I use it to find restaurants for lunch, when I need it.

    I don`t know if you need the service that this app provides, but it is definitely very handy and useful. Try it and I strongly believe you will like it. After all, it`s free, you got nothing to lose!

    To find and download this app, CLICK HERE, and you will find all that you need to get it together with the basic user description.

    Have fun and don`t forget to leave me the comment below!



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      16 Responses to Saving Money, The Basic Need We All Have!

      1. Angela says:

        This app sounds like it could be quite handy! I love the idea of being able to find good deals on things that I’m interested in purchasing so quickly and easily. I’m known for being… shall we say… frugal. (My friends have used other, less polite terms.)

        It’s amazing that you were able to save over $1,000 on that trip to Greece. My mother and I want to do some serious travelling together, and it sounds like this Sherlock App could make it much more affordable. Thanks for sharing!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Angela!

          Trust me on this. Just grab it and try it out! After all, it`s free! I have never been interested in shopping much and that didn`t change but these days, I check with sherlock whenever I need something. It is very handy!

          Thank you for the comment!


      2. Chris says:

        I’ve always had tremendous trouble being disciplined enough to save money successfully. My ten year old is the complete opposite to me and manages to save like there’s no tomorrow!
        I think that planning is my downfall – I seem to live in the ‘here and now’ and not think onwards. What would you suggest?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Chris!

          I would suggest what is already in the article, but it looks like you have missed it. Things that you are talking about are the question of lifestyle and self-discipline. Great subjects, but they are not covered in this article. In this article, I am talking about the actual mobile app technology that is created to save money and time on regular purchases we all do. Shopping Sherlock app provides that kind of service and it does that very effectively.

          Here is the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and download the app, it`s free! Use it regularly and you will be more than surprised of how effectively it improves your economy.

          Thanks for the comment!


      3. RuthM says:

        ooo I’ve never heard of this app. It sounds amazing. Everyone can do with saving money I think. That’s great that you saved so much money on your holiday. I ned to buy a flat screen tv which I have been putting off due to the cost, but I’ll have a look at this app and see if it can help me. I will share this with my friends too. Thanks!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Ruth!

          I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you start using it. Sometimes, you need to do some searching and digging, but you will find a lot of amazing deals, trust me on that. Bigger the products, bigger the savings.

          Thanks for the comment! All the best!


      4. Neil says:

        There was a time in my life when I was working every day at my job in order to save money for something I really wanted.

        The time and the effort was so worth it, BUT in order to buy the next thing I want, I have to do it all over again, and you have to ask yourself if it’s worth your health and lack of family time?!

        Saving money for the bigger things in life is a consistent process that never stops, so now I am building an online business to earn money for the things I want, whilst spending more quality time with my family, and not having to work myself to death in a job!

        However, there is another great side to saving money, and that’s through shopping with apps shuch as Shopping Sherlock, which enables you to leave more money in your pockets and put it towards other useful things.

        Thanks for sharing a great article on saving money :)


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Neil!

          I get your point, and you are right. It is not worth it! The old fashion way of working seem to be exhausted and more and more people are looking for alternative ways of making living. Keep going and you will make it, guaranteed! Others have done it and you will too. Just keep building!

          The app is really good and effective. I saved a lot this year and I am using it regularly. Lately I was buying small stuff, but savings all together are adding up all the time. Try it out, believe me, you will not get dissapointed!

          Thanks for sharing!


      5. Kim says:

        I am finding a lot of good stuff here on Independent Entrepreneur. Thanks for all the insight and finally, a comprehensive and easy to navigate website. I appreciate the time and effort as it takes some of my research work away. I specifically like the extra tips here and there – they are great!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Kim!

          Thank you for the feedback. I am doing my best to give the best value to visitors. Your comment tells my I am succeeding and I am happy that you found something of value for yourself.

          Wish you all the best!

      6. Chris says:

        What a great little app…by the sounds of things! I mean, I’m not the best shopper myself ( yeah I fall into the same category with the girlfriend shopper! ) and I often overpay for things I have no real idea about. I’m just wondering how exactly does this thing work? It sounds very much like a search engine for low price items you are looking into – am I right?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Chris!

          Yes, it is a search engine. And it is made to find what is out there and put it in front of you. All in order for you to find the best deal by making a quick comparison. It all takes 10-20 seconds. So it is very effective! As I said in the article, I have never been a great shopper myself, and that still has not changed in it`s essense. But I am very pleased for all money I have saved by now, which recently climbed to over $1700.

          The company has released recent stats that say; a partial Sherlock user saves $200-$300 amonth. A partial user is someone who makes 4-5 searches a month. In my case it has been so some months and others, when I wan`t active so much, it was below that. Still my average, since I started using it at the end of April this year, is actually little better than those numbers.

          I do not know how it works in the background at this point but I believe it is made through business deals with all major e-commerce companies in the market. So, I am leaving that to Michael Wiedder to worry about, but I am going to the next Sherlock event so I will probably find out more about it.

          Thank you for the comment and questions.


      7. Jess says:

        I, too, love saving money! So, I will definitely be checking out this app. Thank you for including photos in your write up. It looks like there are two apps under “Shopping Sherlock” on the iPhone App Store. The pictures make it easy to figure out which one to use based on this review. What else have you saved money on besides your vacation?


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Jess!

          No, there is only one app! Recently there has been some updates to it and the logo is different but the app is the same, available for both Android and IOS. Those pictures in the presentation are actually from the desktop version which looks little different like most things, comparing the desktop and smartphones.

          My savings climb up all the time. I use the app whenever i need to buy something. Yes, the biggest saving so far was from my vacation trip, but I made a number of small purchases as well. Recently I found cheaper supply of guitar strings using this app. Amazing! The sum of money you save ad up very quickly.

          So go ahead, grab it and use it. It works very well, and it is FREE!

          Thanks for the comment and inquiry! All the best!


      8. Pitin says:

        Thanks for sharing this Igor! will this applet me compare prices side by side? For example I want to buy a certain brand of stroller and would like to know if it is cheaper in Amazon or Target, can this app do that? Does it apply to any product you can think of and does it apply to any location in the world? Thanks in advance!

        • Igor.P says:


          Yes, it is exactly what this app does and it applies to any product you can think of, including flights and hotels around the world. At this moment the app is operational in 18 countries and you can see the list inside of the app. This means that market in those countries are incorporsted in the the service but you can use that regardless where you are in the world.

          For example, when I look for products here in Sweden I still get the results from Alibaba, which is not local. So if you live in the country that is not yet incorporated in Sherlock register, the only thing you can not access is daily deals, everything else is there just as same. Also, it is a question of time when all countries will be a part of it.

          Hope this helps, thanks for the comment and questions! All the best!

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