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    Self Employed

    Self Employed

    Being self employed is challenging, we all know that, and to those who are not self employed at the moment but maybe think about going that direction, this may be discouraging. The way I see it, the common mentality in every culture is a mentality of the worker, not of self employment. And somehow every individual needs to cultivate some certain personal traits and qualities in order to start working for themselves.

    I am not saying that my observations are absolutely valid, but ever since I was a boy I observed some of my parents friends who were running their businesses, unlike my parents who have always been workers.

    It looked to me that they were bolder and stronger. Again, I am not saying I am right in those observations, but they definitely had more money, which I thought was desirable.


    The main challenge


    It is easy to start a small business, but making it successful is another story. I have friends who, just like me, left their regular jobs and started working for themselves. The one opened a restaurant and the other runs a gym. Both are successful but I know what they went through in order to get it going.

    Regular businesses bring certain obligations imposed by social laws and rules and you definitely need good deal of energy and patience to deal with them. As a worker you do not think about these things, you just repeat your daily routine and get your salary. But once you start working for yourself, you can not afford relying on chances.

    Generally, for every business startup, you need to work out all components of it and put them in place. For example, if you open a restaurant, you will need a good chef, location, employees, some interior design and maybe some marketing in order to start. And you definitely must think about finances and how much you need to invest.

    As an entrepreneur, you need to go beyond from what is required from employees. You must take a full RESPONSIBILITY for your business.

    This is a main challenge that comes with the territory. You are responsible for your business to work, and if you are fully aware of this and accept the challenge, you will have an active approach needed for success.


    Working online


    I guess many people still wonder whether it is possible to be self employed and make decent living online, or not. Yes, it is possible but it all depends an what you know, what you can do and your dominant mindset.

    I have been self employed working online for some time now. Working online is so beneficial comparing to regular types or work and the two best thing with it, in my opinion of course, are:

    • The freedom it gives.
    • Very low investment, which means very little risk

    Besides the fact that I work from the comfort of my own home, I can basically change the environment anytime, take a vacation when I want and extend it is I wish to.



    People with regular employment can not do that. It is often the same for many self employed who run regular businesses. I mentioned my friends who run regular businesses, they are successful but they do not have that level of freedom.

    Besides the freedom it gives, working online is the same as working offline. There are no magic tricks for success, and you need education and some work in order to be successful. Just like with any other profession.

    Most people who develop an interest in this, get caught in scams, which unfortunately is the dominant reality on the internet. And those things really cause a great deal of damage. Therefore, a valid info about online business is far more valuable, cause it is harder to find.

    Let me remedy this situation right now. The best, and probably the only high level education in online business, is provided by WEALTHY AFFILIATE. Covering all aspects of affiliate marketing, this education is complete and in this way it is very different from other programs out there.


    Few things to keep in mind


    To me it is admirable when people choose this path and really go for it. It triggers a certain quality within them that is related to heightened self esteem and self worth. It comes with taking the responsibility we already talked about.

    Online business possibilities are very realistic and success is more than achievable. But it is also good to keep following things in mind:

    1. The freedom it gives (which I already mentioned but it is always good to repeat it). Online work means working from home, which is not given with other types of businesses.

    2. Limitless possibilities. You basically need to make enough to make decent living, but in difference to the regular work, you can make much more and basically determine how far you will go with your earnings.

    3. Part time work. You never work full time online cause you do not need to. Yes, it will be challenging to finish the education and learn all you need to learn, but you will never work so many hours a day. Especially when you have developed the business and have everything in place.

    If you keep your regular work while you study with WA, it may be tricky to find some time, but keep in mind that once you start generating profits, you can drop your job and continue working online only.

    When you first begin with it, you may feel excited, and that is a good thing, cause you have started something great for yourself. But you need to be ready to demonstrate patience when the excitement pass, cause it takes time to develop the business and start generating profits on regular basis.

    The excitement will not last forever especially if it is based on dreams. Dreams should be replaced by realistic goals that you can reach, one at the time. But however you start, the reality is always the same. Those who learn and apply, arrive at the destination sooner or later!

    So if I may answer the question I put in the title – a blessing or a curse?. To me there is hardly a greater blessing than dropping everything else and become self employed, but I understand that not everybody is ready for it. And I really hope that you are!

    Thank you for the visit, please leave me some comments below!



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