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    Sherlock Nation

    Sherlock Nation

    Sherlock Nation is my business in progress, and ever since I joined it, I have been getting a lot of questions about it. The way I see it, this is perfectly understandable. There are a lot of people out there who are looking for a good online business opportunity, so they want to know.

    I will try to give as good description of how it developed so far as possible, also trying to answer all questions that I have been receiving in comments area. Just to give you an example, here is the last comment I got:


    Hi Igor,
    That is a good review of Shopping Sherlock, I nearly signed up! (don’t have the ready dosh just yet.) I like the way you’ve presented it – some ‘cons’ would be good though – like what others have said and some rebuttals etc etc.
    Seems like a lot of money for a free app to give away to me – perhaps you could say how much you are earning from SS compared to the number of hours you are working (what does that work entail – trying to give the app away to as many people as poss – that’s a bit MLM, no?)
    Anyway – looks like you’re doing very well out of it!


    Earnings, Time And Work Issues


    Time and work issues are of a great concern to everybody, of course. Nobody wants to work a lot and invest time in some semi-good business “opportunity”, only to fail to produce results. But things needs to be put into perspective in order to perceive the reality in as it is.

    I joined this business 6 months ago (May 2015) and I did not go strong from the beginning. To be honest my greatest issue at that time was to get the confirmation that the business is legit. I did my research before I joined, and I did join because it all seemed right, but I still needed something more. I needed some additional confirmation.

    I got that confirmation as I started with the training material and got familiar with company, its events and people who run it. Maybe 5-6 weeks after I joined, I was finally 100% sure that the business is real, and company legit.

    It took me also about 2-3 months to get complete understanding of all aspects of the business and how all these different parts fit together. That is the reason why I tell people who are asking me questions about it, to take time and do the research. It is necessary in order to understand it fully.

    I need to point out one thing! This is not my first business start up so I understand that every business takes time. That is the reason I can not give exact answer to questions about how fast can somebody start making money on this, as the gentleman who wrote the comment above asked.

    Money comes by the growth of your team or by the app distribution. So the answer lies in how fast you can do these things. The business must be built first in order to start generate profits. I am fully aware of that but many people fail to understand it.




    I spend around 10 hours a week on this business. Some weeks I spent more than that and some less, but 10 hours a week is a basic guideline. Those weeks when I spent more than an hour a day were weeks when I was preparing the material for the website.

    Basically, you do not need your own website cause you get one made for you automatically upon joining, together with other marketing material. You can easily work with that only and many affiliates choose to follow that path. But the website that company creates for you is not a blog website, and since I am affiliate, I always have my own blog as additional resource.

    At the beginning of September I took a course in LinkedIn free lead generation. LinkedIn is not just another social media platform as many people think. It is a business platform that allows all kind of professionals to connect and exchange business ideas and methods.

    This kind of work was new to me and I can tell you, the material was mind-blowing! It was given by one of the leading affiliates as part of education program within the company . The course took 6 weeks and additional 2 to put it all together.

    I am telling you this in order to demonstrate the time process involved in developing the business. If you do not have the patience you will never be able to finish anything. It takes time! So 6 months in the business I have just reached the point when I can say I have everything in place to really start building things up.


    In order to avoid writing one, too long article, I have cut it into two parts. The second part is already published and you can go to it here;- part 2.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions, leave me a comment below!




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      12 Responses to Sherlock Nation – Business In Progress (part 1)

      1. Nicki says:

        I’m quite intrigued, and going on to read part 2! I can’t wait to find out more!

      2. Anh Nguyen says:


        This is the first time I heard of Shopping Sherlock. i am not so interested in apps or the shopping industry though. I will go one to check part 2 out now and hopefully I’d hear you talk about your earnings – as I am sure we’re all curious. :)

        I agree with you that everything takes time, I am also starting an online business since July with blogging and it takes a lot sometimes to accept that everything is not all perfect and keep going.

        Thanks for this post, I learn a lot of new things!

        • Igor.P says:


          Yes business takes time to build so keep going and you will get there. I did not mention earnings so far cause they are still pretty low. I took out $500 recently and I have little over $900 on the account. My goal is to reach $10 000 a month, and by my calculations, I think I will get to that level within 1 year. I am patient though, so even if it takes longer than that, I am fine with that. The starting point is to start making more than what you are investing, and it is not hard to get to that level. I have passed that.

          I can not say I am particularly interested in shopping industry myself, but I am interested in every lucrative business opportunity. Sherlock is definitely the one, that is why I engaged in it. Still, the app saved me $1900 this year in purchases I would do anyway, so it captured my interest. I see that as part of the profit.

          Thanks for the comment!

      3. andrejs says:

        Hi Igor! I have read not only this post but also About me page. Actually your story is very similar to mine. I started back in 2008, different scam blah,blah. I learned from all those shits very much as well as spend big number of $$$. To be honest I made from Micro Niche Adsense course EMD about $1000 in best month. Forex I quitted very quickly but never been under zero $.
        My question is it really worth to spend time on Linkedin?

        • Igor.P says:


          LinkedIn has about 340 000 000 million users and comparing to others, it is not social media at all considering the fact that it is built around business. Many people primarily use Facebook to conduct business and that is where you can really ask the question if it is worth it, or not. I learned how to use LinkedIn from one of the leading experts in the field and, I can tell you, it put my business into a whole another level.

          And you do not even have to use payed account. It is all done through the free account. Thing with LinkedIn is that if you have a good business deal to offer, it will give you limitless number of leads. Facebook is like cocktail party, while LinkedIn is serious business platform and it is a vital tool in my business arsenal. We teach this strategy all new distributors in the team. It is not available outside.

          Thanks for the comment and the question!

      4. Nirmal Sarmah says:

        I think this is better than other MLM stuffs prevailing in the market. Even I got stuck with EN and Ipas like network marketing opportunities but those did not work because the products they had to offer were in quality.

        But the products of sherlock nation seems of great quality to me. I think It will do well and serve value to the marketers.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Nirmal!

          The MLM is not the problem in itself if there is something of value to work with. Very few MLM models do have something to offer and that is why almost all of them are dead end. Sherlock is the exception and that is why I joined.

          It actually got better in September this year when new aspects of the business has been introduced. Aspects like Sherlock local where you can sign up companies and give them the opportunity to advertise their products online for a very little cost. Very lucrative concept and we are all excited about it.

          I am very careful about what business venture I invest my time and energy in, but this appeared as a great opportunity and i am glad I found it. I will post updates of further development.

          I appreciate the comment, thanks!

      5. Paul "Hillbillyvapor" says:

        Hey Igor,
        You have done very well on your site. You captivated my attention and be for I know it I had read 3 pages. I may have missed it, but where is the company based? It maybe something I may be interested in after I get my site to the point that it is making money.
        Once again Good job.
        Wish you the best,
        Hillbilly Vapor

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Paul!

          The company is from US, based in California and established by internet veteran Michael Wiedder. I think it is based in San Francisco but I am not 100% sure about the city. Nevertheless, I am absolutely certain about the state.

          Well, go ahead, do your work. Let me know if you decide it is time to learn more. In the meantime, thanks for the feedback and comment. I appreciate it!


      6. Mimi-CU says:

        Hi there. Interesting take on shopping Sherlock. I am not a fan of MLM opportunities, but I guess that is a bias most people that don’t really know about such opportunities in depth share. I must say thought I like the way you presented this one. I actually had to visit their site to learn a little more before writing this comment. I wish you the best with this business opportunity and will definitely be back to read part 2.

        • Igor.P says:


          Trust me when I tell you, I am not a fan of MLM stuff neither, but this is a different business model because it is not about the MLM only, and you have a very valuable product that you can work with independently. So prospecting is a separate thing and you can skip it all together. Generally, I suggest people to stay away from mlm, cause they are almost always pretty worthless with no good business in its foundation.

          I wrote this report a while ago, and so much has happened since then that I would need to write an update, which I am going to do very soon. I have had a lot of success with this business lately, all thanks to well-working methodology that I learned from people who have been in this kind of industry for 15-20 years.

          Few months ago, I wrote this article –…, which explains the how to separate the good ones, from bad ones. In its essence, a business is a business, and it has nothing to do with MLM, which is just a business model. Prospecting is easy if there is a good business to work with.

          Thanks for stopping by and giving me a comment, I appreciate it!

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