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    This is a second part of this article. If you have not found the part 1, I suggest you to go back and read it first!


    The Team


    The Team

    The Team

    At this point I have a team of 23 distributors, of which 6 are related directly to me. As a team leader I work directly with every single one on them. We meet regularly on skype. It is a part of my responsibility to assist them to build their own business. It is how it works.

    I needed to learn the business myself first, and it took me a while. But now I teach them everything, and in time, they will do the same as they build their own teams. Building the team is what scares most people away because it equals the MLM and people do not like that.

    The truth is, if you have something of value to offer to your team, like effective education and proven working strategies, people will want to do the business with you. It is all about the business, not MLM. We do not build the team just to make it grow, we build the team to expand the business and the business is the app technology.

    I need to point out one thing regarding the team. I made some great connections through this business. I have a really good connection with my up-line who first helped me to start, and many other strong names in the industry.

    I have not met Michael Wiedder (CEO of the company) yet, but I will sooner or later. You are not left alone to work on your business. You get all help and assistance if you are committed and serious, and you canĀ“t really fail unless you give up for some reason. So it is up to you!

    There is another thing worth mentioning; company events! Like the last one in Birmingham (UK) 12&13 September this year when new features to the whole business were introduced. Events are fun things to attend but they are not exactly parties. They are business events with lot of education and training in the program.

    So far I have not been on any of them, but I do intend to go to the next one which is I believe sometimes next year. It will be a great chance to meet leading figures in the industry and maybe grab some benefit form their experience.


    The App Distribution


    Grab Your App HERE

    Grab Your App HERE

    As I already explained, Sherlock Nation is a company who created the very effective e-commerce app technology that exist today. This is what the whole business is all about.

    The distribution of the app has been my main focus ever since I joined. Mainly because I found out that the app usage generates profit, but it took me a while before I realized how powerful that actually is.

    Basically I was sharing the app everywhere I went and the fun thing about it was that I could do it any time, any place. I was sharing the app even when I was not working. Every time I met somebody new in the bar, restaurant, gym or wherever, I would give them the app. Some people asked questions about it, some not, but they always take it cause it is free. Very convenient.

    I became aware of how strong the usage income can be first after 3 months in the business, when I got the first commission. The usage income is calculated second month from the actual one. For example, It is the December now when I am writing this article and the usage income for this month will be posted in February next year (2016).

    My first usage income was $4. It was for the first month in business (May) and it was payed to me in July. Out of total 13 users, 9 was active with it and generated that money. $4 was not much but multiply it with 100, 1000 or 10 000 and things look much more serious. Right now I have over 1600 registered users.

    One thing must be mentioned when it comes to distribution. Together with a few other colleagues in the business, I have been working on discovering the most effective way for massive distribution. This is still in progress but I am sure we will find the effective way of distributing at least 10 000 a month. Of course this requires additional investment and as such, it must be cost effective, but it is worth it.


    I hope these two articles gave you some good insight in this business. What I actually tried to do with this is to make things transparent for you. I know that online scams are big problem for everybody and you need to see things before even consider investing your time and energy into it. I suggest you also to read the Sherlock Nation review, for more detailed description.

    I will post new articles about the further progress in the future to keep you posted. If you feel this business may be for you, you are very welcome. We will be happy to accept you in the team and share all we did with you. You will not be left alone, I promise!

    In the meantime, if you have any questions, leave me a comment below!



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      2 Responses to Sherlock Nation – Business In Progress (part 2)

      1. Nicki says:

        I’m not sure if I missed the information, but is there a cost to join?

        • Igor.P says:


          I wasn`t talking about business details out of that perspective in this article. I was just describing the process of how it works as I am doing it. You have missed the link to the review where you have all details about it. But, you can see it here:
          Yes, there is a cost for license($279 one time payment) and monthly fee of $49.

          If there is anything else you wish to know about it, let me know!

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