Sherlock Nation Review

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    Sherlock Nation

    Sherlock Nation

    PRODUCT/COMPANY NAME: Sherlock Nation
    Overall Ranking: 10/10
    Price: $279 for registration, $49.95 monthly for active license
    Income potential: Unlimited
    Owners: Michael Wiedder



    Introduction to Sherlock Nation


    This is a new review but I will refer to the old one when it comes to certain details. The new one does not mean that the old one is outdated. On contrary, I am writing the new one because of very important updates recently introduced to this already great business opportunity.

    These updates have been introduced in September this year(2015). I have been informed about them ever since I joined this business back in April this year, so they have been expected. The company has changed name to Sherlock Nation and, the way I see it, there is some symbolism in it.

    The growth and development of the company certainly reflect this change. The number of new distributors is growing by the day, and considering the internal climate within the company, I find this change very suitable. It does feel like a little nation in itself.

    In the old review I have mentioned that this company is operational within e-commerce, which is the fastest growing business segment in the world today. Considering this growth, it is predicted that Sherlock Nation is going to be a billion dollar company sometimes within 5 years from now.

    The main product is still this wonderful piece of technology, now called Sherlock Shopping app. It is still free to have and use, and that will never change. But new features makes it even better. So let me explain them, one by one.


    Sherlock app


    Get your app

    Get your app

    Shopping Sherlock app is, as I said, now called Sherlock shopping, or just Sherlock app. Essentially, the app has not changed in any way, except for the new logo and Loyalty Program. It still works in the same way, and it is equally powerful in finding you the best price for whatever you are looking to buy online, as before.

    But there is a new feature now that gives more value to you as user, and it is called Loyalty Program. I have explained this on separate page about the app itself, and you can find it HERE. I suggest you to read it, and you can get your app from there or here, by clicking on the banner to the right! For now just let me mention basics.

    Loyalty Program allows you to share the app with others through the invitations from within the app and earn a $10 gift cards that can be used for additional purchases. There is no limit of how many gift cards you can receive through this process, which means that it will increase your savings even further.


    Sherlock Nation Business Opportunity


    This is a business review and all new features have a lot to do with increasing the usage income potential. As much as it provides the value to the user, the loyalty program actually stimulates user activity, which generates the profit to the distributor. Every user you have in your register can be very active or partially active and your profits will reflect that.

    In the previous review I have also explained the team building as additional source of income. Many people run scared from this because they relate that to MLM, but this is not the MLM as you know it. The team building within Sherlock Nation is about working closely with experienced distributors and that actually works to the benefit of all parts. I will give more explanation about that in training/tools section.

    Now, we come to the most important part. Beside the usage income and team building, now we have new features that gives additional possibilities to develop this business. They are: Sherlock Local, Sherlock Travel, Fundraising and Sherlock University.


    Sherlock Local


    Besides the regular app distribution, which you will continue to do as before, now you can sign up local businesses to it as well. Sherlock Local gives possibility to local companies to get mobile and get out into the market with their offers. This help them grow their business immensely, and you as distributor will earn a percentage for every deal that is made through this process.


    Sherlock Local

    Sherlock Local


    The implication of this new feature is tremendous, both for the distributor and the company who uses it. Every company can now present their offers in either daily deals or as a product in the register that is found through the regular search within the Sherlock app. The company itself keeps 90% of the profit and only 10% goes to Sherlock, which is the best solution out there for various businesses.

    For the distributor who signs the company for this deal, this is extremely lucrative, cause every product sold also means profit for the distributor.


    Sherlock Fundraising


    Now as s distributor you can give away a Sherlock Fundraising platform for no cost to various organizations and their supporters. It takes a minute to set up and it offers personal fundraising websites that are highly customizable so that they can quickly spread the word about their fundraising projects.


    Sherlock Fundraising

    Sherlock Fundraising


    Sherlock Travel


    Sherlock Travel is amazing addition to the arsenal available to every distributor, cause this new feature is only available to distributors. It is a special search engine that finds you prices which are unbelievable by what I have seen so far.
    It is like a gift from company to its affiliates. It is a special discount program and company is constantly working to expand and improve it.


    Sherlock Travel

    Sherlock Travel


    It includes deals on Hotels, Restaurants, Attractions, Excursions, Flights, Vacations, Activities and Events and so on….

    Few distributors that I know have already used it and found deals that where incredible. I have not used it myself so far, but I am looking forward to.


    Sherlock University


    To me this may be the best feature of them all. The education and training that was provided from the company before was good, but with Sherlock University this is expanded even further. The education is really one of the best when it comes to start working online, using networking and marketing as a new career.


    Sherlock University

    Sherlock University


    For dedicated distributor, this is incredible resource of various methods and tools available to expand the business and earnings.




    In the old review I could not find any cons with Sherlock business, only pros. The situation is still the same except the pros has expanded even further. If you have been looking for a powerful new career, this is the best possibility!

    So I still can`t give any cons. Some people experience issues with learning and doing, but that is the matter of thinking and state of mind. Even though these may be challenging to some, I can not put them as cons. It is something we all need to develop at some point.

    But I will give you a great pro. After settling in and getting on with this business myself, I can tell you that 10 hours a week dedicated to this business is enough. Sometimes it takes a lot less than that.


    Who is it for?


    In the old review I have said that this is for everybody. Even though this is essentially true, cause everybody can buy the license and start this business, I must take some reservation to it now. Doing this business for 6 months now I have noticed that primarily business minded people get engaged with it, and thrive. Others pay little attention to it, for whatever reason, and fall off.

    No previous skills are needed, it is still true. But if you are not really interested to own a business, build it up and succeed, you are just wasting your money and time. Why throw that money away?

    So please, regardless of you present occupation and profession: student, unemployed, affiliate marketer, a truck driver or nurse, you are more than welcome to contact me! You will get all training and education, and I will be there every step to help you start and build it up. This is how it works!

    But I want you to know how it is from the start. We prefer that you are professional enough, that you are willing to learn and do the business. Just like I suggest you to not waste your time and money, we do not want to do it either. So if you think this is for you, go to the bottom of this review and contact me using the contact info.




    My Sherlock Nation Website

    My Sherlock Nation Website

    I have only one word to describe training and tools provided for this business now;- excellent! Sherlock University is the new feature that has structured and expanded the training and education.

    There is no program organized in lessons that you need to follow. You can learn things in your way and order, but everything is there, and the material is provided by experts in various fields.

    First, you get the websites and all marketing material provided for you. And second, you have business training and education in marketing and networking. With this training you will change and your online business will get to a whole other level.

    Many distributors get engaged even further and go to company events like the last one in Birmingham(England), where all updates are presented but also a further training.

    Part of the training is delivered through the team. I have a regular contact with my up-line, and you have the chance make some great connections within the Sherlock Nation. You can get engaged in any way you want, but it is up to you.




    With the introduction of all these new features, the support has expanded as well. For example, with Sherlock Local, the company provides direct assistance by contacting the company/business you signed up directly. It is the same with fundraising. Otherwise, the regular support is there and working very well. As you can see on the picture below, there is dedicated support for every section of the business.


    Sherlock Support

    Sherlock Support


    Support is contacted by mail or by phone. To this day I have never needed to contact the support by phone, cause every issue I had so far has been resolved quickly by placing a ticket from within back office. As I said, the support works well.




    The price went up the 1 November 2015 and it is a first raise since the company has started little more than 3 years ago. From $249 for license it went up to $279. From $35 a month for keeping the license active it went to $49.95. The reason for this is a new structure of affiliate levels.

    I have received complains on my old review about the price being to high and now it is even higher. To me this is nothing but I understand that for some people the price is too high. Nevertheless, $279 for a solid, life-long and lucrative business is ridiculous price. A friend of mine who started a gym two years invested more than $200 000 in it.

    So you do the math. On top of that, it is a matter of time when you will make that money back and start earning monthly profits.




    The best

    The Best Network Marketing Business Opportunity!

    I know that first issue people have when presented to new business opportunities, is whether it is legit or not. I have seen few other negative reviews out there, all based on misunderstanding of this business. But trust me when I tell you – IT IS LEGIT, and I can not recommend it more than I already do.

    Some may think I am biased cause I am doing it myself, but in this case, it gives me first hand experience and great initial success. So if you understand what you are dealing with here you will understand that it is about harnessing the biggest trend in the world today – growing e-commerce.

    Sherlock Nation gives you a possibility to create a stable and great level of residual income being positioned right in the core of this trend, offering you all tools and education needed to build your business successfully.

    Considering primarily my own results, but also the results from others, I evaluate it with highest mark 10/10. This is the best Network Marketing business out there at the present moment, and it certainly reflect the demand we are experiencing.

    To give you better feel of how it looks like within the company, watch this short video from the last company event in Birmingham(UK) in September last year 2015.



    Send me an e-mail and we will meet on skype to give you more info, help you signup, or you can signup below right away!



    In that case I will contact you after, welcome you to the team and start your training! WELCOME TO SHERLOCK NATION!

    And, do not forget to LEAVE ME A COMMENT below!


    Contact Info:

    Igor Prpa, Star Affiliate at Sherlock Nation

    tel: +4670 6662369 or, +4631 199453(home number)
    3.00 PM – 8.00 PM GMT+1

    Skype ID: sage6967




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      36 Responses to Sherlock Nation Review

      1. Bill says:

        Hello Igor:
        This is a great review and it answers all the question a smart “work From Home” client would want to know. Someone once said “if you want to be successful, then do what successful people do!”
        It looks like your the model for smart folks to follow! Great job.
        Bill :)

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Bill!

          You are absolutely right! Learning what successful people do is the best recipe for success. After all why trying to discover something that somebody else has already discovered. Sherlock business got me into a particular type of knowledge when it comes to networking. All because of people who already had a lot of success and were willing to share their knowledge. I am very grateful for that.

          Thanks for the comment and I wish you all success!


      2. Mthakazi says:

        Very informative website. It is answered some of my questions. I was always looking for ways to work and make money online in my free time but I never came up with anything and like it says on the site forex and binary trading always come on top.

        The link on how to start a business online is very helpful as I am in the early stages of setting up my business.

        • Igor.P says:


          I guess you have checked out some other pages but left the comment on this one. It happens, no problem. I am glad if I could provide the information you find useful. I wish you all the best when it comes to the business.

          Thanks for the comment!

      3. Zach says:

        Thanks for this article/review!

        I will definitely be looking into this further it seems a like a very lucrative opportunity. I think you did a great job with your review in covering all of the aspects that someone making a decision to go into an online marketing business would need to know. I like that you have it laid out in a way that is easy to find specific information about this service. Thanks again,


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Zach!

          I am glad that you found it clear and informative cause I am always trying to be as specific as I can without wasting peoples time. I appreciate the comment, thanks!

          All the best!

      4. Brandon says:

        I must say this sounds like something I would do. I never heard of Sherlock Nation but I need to learn more about it. $279 dollars is not bad at all. Especially for a one time long term investment. Seems very easy to do…I would just try to refer a bunch of people…I know a lot of my friends and people around the world are looking for the latest trend.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Brandon!

          Of course you need to learn more about it! It should not be otherwise. If you or your friends decide to proceed, I would be happy to show you everything. Just let me know!



      5. Anthony says:


        I am interested in this Sherlock app business but didn’t quite catch what it is exactly about. I think I’ll go read your old article about it as well to get more information. It sounds like you are having great success with it so congrats on that. I am wondering how newbie friendly it is to get into and what amount can someone expect to start earing from this after say 3 months? For the sale or simplicity let’s say the person is a fast learner and works very hard. I know each case will be different but play along please haha.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Anthony!

          I understand what you ask, so let me explain. I suggest you to go back to my review and grab the app first. Just follow the link, the app is free. Use it for a while and get familiar how it works cause you will be working with it. The app is what the business is all about in its basic form. But there is more of course just as I explained in the review.

          You are wondering how newbie friendly it is. It actually depends on you but the training is top notch. I can not possibly tell you how fast you will be learning it cause I do not control that- you do! But everything is available. Some people develop the business fast and make a lot of money, some do not.

          I will give you an example; a lady from Kazakhstan, her name is Zhannat, who joined the business in September 2014 reached the level of over $10 000 in monthly profits after 8 months. She actually put the Kazakhstan in the Sherlock register of countries. Today she is one of the strongest affiliates within the company earning probably well over $50 000. There are other similar cases.

          My suggestion is; do not ask how fast you will start making money but how seriously you want to learn and build your business. The fact is you can`t fail if you keep going cause this is a long term business. Start by examining all aspects of it and inform yourself to gain a proper understanding of it. Then you will easily see if its something you want to do, or not. This is an incredible business opportunity but the real question is; is this the right opportunity for you?!

          If you have any further questions, let me know! I`ll be happy to assist you!


      6. Andy says:

        Hi Igor,

        That is a good review of Shopping Sherlock, I nearly signed up! (don’t have the ready dosh just yet.)

        I like the way you’ve presented it – some ‘cons’ would be good though – like what others have said and some rebuttals etc etc.

        Seems like a lot of money for a free app to give away to me – perhaps you could say how much you are earning from SS compared to the number of hours you are working (what does that work entail – trying to give the app away to as many people as poss – that’s a bit MLM, no?)

        Anyway – looks like you’re doing very well out of it!



        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Andy!

          I did my best to provide the information in the most comprehensive way without too much clatter. I could not present any cons because I honestly can`t find any. There are many success stories of people that would give you a very good and positive opinion, but there are also stories of failure. those people would probably give negative response.

          I do not recommend you to sign up just like that. Send me an e-mail, lets meet on Skype to show you more, give you a glimpse of the training.I do not want you to just get in without knowing enough about it first.

          I would suggest you the same thing that I just suggested to other gentleman who asked questions in previous comment. Grab the app first and get familiar with it. Understand that when you use it you make money to me. If you would have, lets say, 10 000 registered users and every user use it 3-6 times a month, you will probably end up with around $5000 a month, maybe even more. At this point I have 1600 registered users.

          I started this business 5 months ago and most of my work so far has been about putting everything in place to start massive distribution and team building. I still have work to do and it would have been done sooner if I invested more time in it, but I am also running two other businesses so I am in no rush. So far I have been investing 5-6 hours a week and I am still doing pretty well. Anyway, 1-2 hours a day is more than enough to invest in it.

          I hope this helped to clarify things a bit. Thanks for the comment and if you have other questions, just let me know!


      7. Jasmine says:

        I will be honest. Before reading your review, I had never heard of Sherlock nation! However, after reading the review, it sounds like an interesting opportunity for many people. You thoroughly explained the system with pros and cons and I have a much better understanding now. Thank you so much.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Jasmine!

          You are welcome, many people still do not know about it. I guess it is not strange, the company is still pretty young but considering its rapid expansion, it will be known to masses soon. Thank you for the comment!


      8. Tom says:

        Hi Igor,

        Your review was the first time I came to know about Sherlock Nation but it looks very interesting.

        I’m already involved in multiple online businesses and am always on the lookout for great opportunities.
        Every step I take online is one closer to becoming independent from the boss man which is the main reason for me. So no lack of motivation from my side.
        By the way 1200 registered users in such a short period of time is incredible!

        This just might be one so i’ll be looking further into it!

        Kind regards,

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Tom!

          These days I get over 5 requests per day from people of which they are many who are not really ready for this kind of business, so I must turn them down or send them over to other distributors. But judging by your comment it looks to me that this is an opportunity that may be suitable for you.

          I work with 2 new prospects a month and new qualification process will be posted in the review within few days. If you decide this may be for you, send me an e-mail and my assistant will arrange a skype call with me.

          If not, best of luck with your businesses. Thanks for the comment!


      9. Aziz Sattar says:

        Your review on Sherlock Nations seem to be very through however I am still not fully aware of what the company does.

        Does sound interesting as a possible business opportunity though. I would be interested in checking it out but currently I am busy building up my blog site. Sure will take another look later.

      10. Jon Stevens says:

        I really like the Sherlock app, it seems like it makes things very convenient to keep up with outside the office.

      11. Tar says:

        Wow. You are really into it. I am sure you enjoy every bits of Sherlock Nation considering that you give a complete, perfect 10!

        And for something to get that perfect score, yes, customer service isn’t an issue. Reputations and score can fall easily if this area is a weakness.

        What I actually impressed is the expansion of new features such as Local and Fundraising. Talk about gaining market competitive advantage I suppose.

        • Igor.P says:


          Well, being an online entrepreneur, I am always interested in good online businesses. I am running few at the moment and this was definitely one worth investing time and effort. So you can definitely say I am into it. I gave it the best mark cause it is what it is – a great business. I do not care about challenges, to me they are not cons. Challenges are part of every opportunity. Without challenges, it is most likely a scam!

          Fundraising is great feature but I love the Local the most cause it gives a tremendous potential for profit which is why we all do things in the first place. That is what I am working on most here locally.

          Thanks for the comment, highly appreciated!


      12. Kevin says:

        Hey Igor,

        This a really easy to follow review. I haven’t heard of Sherlock nation review but I may try it in the future.

        right now I’m on another program which takes most of my time. If I sign up would you be able to give me a walk-through?

        Thanks for creating this review site

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Kevin!

          Of course I would give you a walk-through, but that is not the point here. Some people see this review as some kind of attempt from my side to sell something. Trust me, it can not be more far away from the truth than it is.

          The interest for this business is big and I do 3-6 skype calls a day at this point, all in order to choose right candidates. I do not want people to sign up and do nothing, as some people did in the past. Considering the fact that I work closely with every candidate for a long time, I need to see if they qualify first. I do not want to waste my time on futile startups, it is not good for the business!

          So you get way more than just a walk-through. I deliver you a complete training and work with you until you reach the point of profitability, if you can meet the terms first. If you think this may be something for you in the future, you are welcome to contact me using the instructions I gave in the review.

          I wish you all luck with the business you do now and thanks for the comment and inquiry!


      13. David says:

        Your enthusiasm for this product is astounding. I was drawn in immediately by your rating of 10/10. If you’re like me,that rating takes something special to achieve. Simply having the name “Sherlock” in the title was a draw for me as well. Finally, we are all looking for that money making opportunity that fits for each of us. Tell me how does it fit best for you?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello David!

          For me things are simple. I am online entrepreneur and as such I am interested in solid and real opportunities. This is such opportunity, therefore I gave it the best mark. I can not point out any cons with this, cause unlike others, I do not see challenges as cons. Simply because challenges exist with every opportunity, so this is not the exception. Once challenges are resolved, it becomes a easy ride.

          As you know yourself, being successful in any business requires that you have methodology that work. Then you can scale it up and move forward without any problem . Otherwise you stumble and fall, not going anywhere with it. From the beginning, I did not know exactly how to do it but I took the opportunity with the intention of figuring it out later, which I did!

          I got into network marketing successfully with this business. This is the only network marketing type of business that I recommend to people. The rest I recommend to stay away from, because they are typical MLM things, which mean convincing people to get into it without any real business. With Sherlock Nation you have a complex business and the opportunity to build multiple income streams, all based on very valuable product/service that you give away. It does not get better than that.

          And it certainly works very well. I recently posted two articles about the development of this business but things changed drastically in the last two months. The interest for it is really huge now, and I had problem to manage answering all mails, so I got the assistant to help me out.

          So basically this is a perfect business, and since a really advanced training is offered, it make difference to people so the team is growing really fast. That is why I have some enthusiasm about it, I love doing it. I love good business!

          Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!


      14. Farhan says:

        Hey there Igor!

        Awesome review, here. Enough information is presented in a way that is well organized and easy-to-understand.

        I like that you have also covered the pros and cons, which is very important for readers or prospective clients to make a decision.

        Very good use of images to further illustrate some points too!

        Great article =)

        • Igor.P says:


          Well, thank you! I always try to serve my readers in the best way I can, and it is nice to get some feedback that tells me I am on the right track.

          Thanks for the comment, highly appreciated!


      15. Fred Chong says:

        A good post, fair review on Sherlock Nation which is new to me. I need to read your earlier intro before I can comment more. Apology for asking if it has to do with “shopping”, I supposed it’s borderless like Amazon or eBay, otherwise, I can’t relate to me or my prospective network. Thank you.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Fred!

          Yes, it is all about e-commerce/shopping and it is border-less just like Ebay and Amazon with a little difference that it goes even further. If you install the app and check it out you will see that both of these markets will be a part of search results.

          At this point 18 countries are part of the register which means that all markets are incorporated in the system so when people perform the search it will all be there. By the rest of this year at least two more countries will be added. This is how it works:

          When a number of distributors grows to around 200 in one particular country, then company comes in and puts it into a register. How is that done, I do not know, but I leave that to Michael Wiedder and his team to worry about. At this point I am working on developing the team in India and China but I guess most of team leaders are working on that too.

          That is not strange considering the fact that these are biggest markets in the world and when we get that done it will be extremely lucrative. E-commerce in China is around 40% bigger than in US, so you get the picture. So again, it is all about e-commerce and it is especially designed to serve mobile part of it, cause since the recently, it is bigger than desktop.

          Thanks for the comment, I hope this explains it clear enough!


      16. Nate says:

        Hi Igor,

        I’m an affiliate marketer and I’m always looking out for new ways to make money online as well.

        This sounds really interesting, I will do a bit more research before investing but definitely sounds as though the potential is there. Especially given how much it has grown in three years.

        How much time do you think people need to dedicate to this business?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Nate!

          You should definitely do more research before even considering to proceed with anything. Many people ask me questions about it without even reading the review well enough. The interest for this business is really huge and the development of the company, as you have noticed and pointed out yourself, has been incredible so far.

          The success in this business depends mostly on your ability to learn, your team leader and the team you work with. The company provides great deal of education but within my team, I leave nothing to chance. I work actively with my team members in order to get them into profits as soon is possible, so I have no dropouts in my team.

          As affiliate marketer, you are in great advantage comparing to people who have no similar skills, although the seriousness and entrepreneurial mindset is decisive factor for success. The working methodology I teach my team members requires around 10 hours a week. When I do bigger campaigns for app distribution I work little more than that those days but very often I do nothing at all. The bottom line, it is not time consuming!

          I actually do give the WA members bigger priority because I know that they are entrepreneurial, otherwise they would not be members of it. So for that reason, if you sense this is for you, you can contact me through the WA.

          Thanks for the inquiry and comment!


      17. Sangeeta says:

        Hi Igor, its really a nice review on Sherlock Nation. You did a great job in accumulating all information about the online business. As a mommy of a small kid, I am searching for a good and legit online business to become financial independent. I say must, $279 for registration is a great deal and I will definitely have a look in this

        • Igor.P says:


          I did few revisions of this review to make sure I got it all in, so it is presented here. Yes, it is a great deal to some people, take a look and let me know if you have any questions!

          All the best!

      18. Jeff says:

        Wow, this sounds like it’s an exciting opportunity. I’d like to know more about how it works.

        For example, say I have the app on my smartphone and I want to buy something locally. Will this app help me? It looks like a local company would have to be a part of the Sherlock Nation for me to see what’s on offer.

        Does is work at Wal Mart?

        I am curious about this. Thanks.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Jeff!

          Yes, it is a great and rare opportunity, but many people miss it because it takes some research to fully understand all aspects of it and how big it actually is. Let me explain that you wonder about.

          If you grab you app, register and open it, you will see that you choose the country you are from cause that way you will access everything that is available to you. For your local market, you open Daily Deals, which happens to be my favorite part of the app. You pick your city, if its available, and open the results. It will show you all in your local area.

          Not every city can be targeted at this point but the app is constantly improving, but for now all bigger cities can be targeted. Otherwise, just performing the regular search within your country does the magic. I saved almost $2000 last year using this app, and really these were purchases I would do anyway. That is amazing benefit from something that is FREE.

          On regular search it is all there, Walmart, Ebay, …

          Within week or two, a new improved version of the app will be released. And affiliates are doing their job so the company is growing rapidly. It is important to mention the Sherlock Local, which means that a distributor can sign up any company and give it the opportunity to have their products sold through the app. Of course, the distributor gets a commission on EVERY product sold.

          Again, get your app and try it out, you will be surprised how well it works. For anything else you want to know, just let me know! Thanks for the comment and inquiry!


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