Sherlock Shopping App – Update

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    The 13 September this year, a very significant updates has been done and released on existing application and business model all together. Changes regarding the business will not be covered here, but in the separate update/review. In this update I will inform you about the changes made to the application and what does that mean to you as user.


    Name and Logo


    The company has changed the name into Sherlock Nation and the app itself is now called just Sherlock. If we would go even deeper into details, this particular application in this way is called Sherlock shopping but these are just semantics, so it`s not that important.

    The reason why the company changed the name into Sherlock Nation is mainly because it`s expansion. The number of distributors are growing by the day and it now resembles a community/nation, bound by common business activity.

    A new logo has been introduced, and those who were using the app prior to 13 September and were familiar with the old one, has certainly noticed it. This is how it looks like now, both as app and the desktop version:


    New Logo

    New Logo


    The design of the website/desktop, has been changed too:


    New Website

    New Website


    These are changes in appearance. I personally like it, but it will not matter to you as much as new features that bring you way more value than before.


    New Features


    Improvements in the business mechanisms behind the application has been made, which makes it more powerful than before. Those are part of the natural growth of the company. We will not be dealing with those here mostly because it`s of no importance to us as users. Personally, I leave that to the corporation to deal with, I just collect the new info and pass it on to you.

    What is important is the new feature that will bring more value to users – a Loyalty program.

    The Loyalty program allows you to invite people you know to use the app as well. When they start using it you earn loyalty points that can be later used as a gift cards for shopping. This is how it looks like in the desktop:


    Loyalty Program

    Loyalty Program



    The process is easy, you log in to your app and you will see the part that say- Invite Friends. Click on that and it will take you to the next option that says; invite by text message or e-mail. Choose one and you are done.

    So far, the loyalty program is working only in US and it will be soon introduced to all countries within the Sherlock register. The reason for that is that it takes time to put the system into work. Let me remind you that the expansion is constantly going on and new countries are on the way to be added to the register.

    Otherwise, all other features that existed before are still there. The app is better because of the new ones, and I am sure you will love it when you find out what it can do for you. Grab your app below! It is free, just choose your version, download it and sign up. Your invite code is 841313!


    Grab You App HERE

    Grab You App HERE


    If you have any questions, let me know! I will be more than happy to answer. In the meantime, LEAVE ME THE COMMENT BELOW!



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      2 Responses to Sherlock Shopping App – Update

      1. Ananomyx says:

        You have a real great site going on here. I love how you have added different aspects to your site and it doesn’t just have one part to it. The business psychology part is good too especially in giving new comers an idea of what to expect in this kind of business. People need that motivation so they understand they can do it! Great post!

        • Igor.P says:


          Thank you for the comment, it is highly appreciated! Yes, I have placed a special attention to business psychology because it is the most crucial aspect of success in business. It all came out of some realizations that came to me through my own experiences. Once things are understood properly, doing business become the process that is not only fun but very giving as well. And the best part is, that is the point when you become effective and really start seeing the results.

          Making money is not about making money but doing a business, and psychology is the most essential part of it. Once again, thanks for the comment and I wish you all the best!


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