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    Hello and welcome to this short presentation/manual of Shopping Sherlock app. Before we get into any details and you take a look at these examples below, do not forget to see important updates introduced 13 September this year(2015):


    “I purchased a great Sherlock Daily deal for my son, four 1 hour driving lessons for only £12 – WOW- what a great price.”

    Alan Platt, United Kingdom


    “Just saved £50 for buying thermostatic cartridge for my shower. It was £150 from the shop and was able to get it for £99.99 through Shopping Sherlock, next day free shipping!! Great saving!!”

    Evangeline Sotero, United Kingdom


    “As a user of the shopping sherlock App have made over £4300 savings this year alone, booking hotels, flights & buying household items. As a business have traffic driven to my Website “

    Raj Ahluwalia, United kingdom


    “I was looking for a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition camera. On their official site it was £359.99, I decided to “Sherlock It” and found the exact same camera for just £280.00!!!! “

    Frazer Brookes, United kingdom


    “Needed 5000 toothbrushes to put in gift boxes for needy children. Expected to pay $1 each. With Sherlock we found great quality toothbrushes for 20 cents each. Saved over $4000 to use on other items!”

    Karin Parsons, United kingdom


    These are just a few of many actual experiences from real people, who either regularly or occasionally use Shopping Sherlock app to buy stuff online. You should know that this company is very young. It has been established just a little more than 3 years ago. So taking this fact into the consideration, makes the number of over 22 000 000 occasions when this app was used, really staggering!


    What does it do?


    You need to properly understand what does this app do in order to understand what value it provides to you. It is actually not the ordinary app and most people miss to see that.

    Apps in general, as the particular technological solution, have been around for a while and we are all used to them. At least most of us by now! Most of them are the extended service in mobile form, from the companies that are already active within that particular business segment.

    This is not that kind of app. It is THE SEARCH ENGINE, just like Google, but in mobile form designed to do one thing only: to find you the best deal for whatever you look for to buy, not only online but in the external world as well. And it is really powerful because it incorporates the whole market.

    Google provides every info you can think of, SS provides only the info about products and prices.

    By doing the search for something, you get the every product that is available in the market presented in the list right in front of you within seconds. This way you can find and choose the cheapest one and compare. Do the same thing in Google, it will take you hours.


    Shopping Sherlock App- The user experience


    This app is so simple to use that I felt it would be pointless to create video about it, so I will use screen shots of the desktop version. Of course the app itself is the same, it just looks little different. At the present moment it is established in 18 countries. Take a look at the screen shot below!


    The list of countries

    The list of countries


    Before you perform any search you choose your country in the list (Sweden in my case), and then you look for product you need to buy. The highlighted menu shows all these things you can look for.


    SS menu

    SS menu


    Just to demonstrate, I will do a quick search for a retail product; Samsung Galaxy 5. I highlighted all available services that exist within swedish market. You check them separately but they are all there. You may also get the notification from the app to refine your search if you want even more specified results. Take a look at it below.






    So, you sort the results by the price, find your best deal, get it and you are done. Very simple. Yes, there are other e-commerce apps out there that work very well, but not one of them is equally powerful as Shopping Sherlock.


    Final note!


    This was just a quick demonstration. It is really easy to use, you can`t make mistake with it. This summer I bought a trip to Greece, two weeks, all inclusive for two people and saved $1100 using this app! This year all together I saved almost $2000.

    It really saves you the time and lot of money. My favorite part of it is Daily deals where I frequently find stuff that I need. Daily deals is bound to city areas where you live and I use it to find good restaurant offers.

    The Shopping Sherlock app is FREE to download and use WITHOUT LIMIT. You will just need the invite code and you will find both the app and code (841313) by clicking the picture below. You will use the code only to register. After that you will log in with your user name and password, that`s all.

    For all of you who may be interested to know, it is also a great business opportunity as well. You can read my review of it HERE.


    Grab Your App HERE

    Grab Your App HERE



    Again, let me remind you of important updates and improvements that you can access- HERE!

    So, go ahead and take the app. I know you will like it, it`s impossible not to. If you have any questions or concerns, don`t hesitate to contact me by sending me the e-mail ( Also, leave me the comment below and tell me what you think!




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      34 Responses to Shopping Sherlock App

      1. Emmanuel says:

        A great app shopping sherlock is. For an app of its quality, I think it is being underutilized if it is currently in just 18 countries. After 3 years of quality service, I think it is time to expand to the rest of the world. But my question is this, if I happen to be outside any of those 18 countries, can I use it to find a bargain in any of those countries it operates in?

        • Igor.P says:

          Yes, It didn`t go viral yet and we are working to expand it. It is a question of time before it will show up in your country. Nevertheless, you can still use it to your benefit by finding the bargain in other countries and have it delivered to you.

      2. Akeim says:

        This app sounds very interesting. The app very possibly might be the next big thing. If you are saying everything in your article that it is suppose to do and it has been around for 3 years why haven’t I heard about it with the numbers you have posted? The 22,000,000 uses.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Akeim!

          It is the big world. The number is a good start but it need to continue. It`s not everywhere yet, but it will be, no doubt about it. Well, you heard about it now. Grab it, use it, it`s free!

          Thanks for the comment!


      3. Dragan says:

        Hello. I have been using this app for more than two months now and I can really say, it is amazing! I use daily deals often just like you, very useful! Two weeks ago, I purchased some building material and saved over 5000 sek.

        I remembered the code so I gave it to few of my friends. Thanks for sharing this app!


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Dragan!

          I am glad that it`s useful to you cause it gave me a lot. Daily deals are great little thing, aren`t they! My best deal so far is the vacation trip to Greece this year, I saved 9000 sek (around $1100). Thanks for passing it on to others and I appreciate for sharing your thoughts on the subject.

          All the best!

      4. Tasos Perte Tzortzis says:

        Hello there Igor , it seems like a totally legit application to compare prices and find the most appropriate offers for your needs.

        As I always buy products online I would give it a try.And it is Free to join , looks like a no brainer.Is it free of ads?

        I am glad you managed to save a lot of money from this app.

        I am from Greece , I would like to ask you if you had a good time in our country..

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Tasos!

          I always have great time in Greece! And, I will always be coming back to it.

          There are some ads, but they are not many and they don`t stand in a way. Unfortunately, the app is not yet operational there, but it will be very soon. Yes it is free for anyone and you will see, it does it`s job very well. As you said, no brainer.

          Thank you for the comment!


      5. Stephen Mcgouran says:

        That’s a quality app and definitely something new to the market that I’ve never seen before Igor!
        You made a great point about mobile taking over desktop back in 2011 and it’s proved true but also the fact that it’s only just getting started is a great reason for anyone to get started with this opportunity! I’m from Ireland and I downloaded it straight away but it’s not available in Ireland as far as using it to save money but hopefully it will be soon enough!
        Do they have any plans to get started in Ireland Igor? That being said though for anyone who is in one of those countries I would recommend getting stuck in because who doesn’t want to save their money?

        Cheers, Stephen

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Stephen!

          Yes, it`s pretty new and it is a question of time when it will be operational in Ireland. My guess is between 1 to 3 years and all European countries will be in the SS system. It works very well and it is spreading fast. I am using it regularly and it saved me a lot of money by now.

          You are right about timing, this is what makes this extra good opportunity.

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


      6. Chris says:

        Hey Igor,
        This Shopping Sherlock app sounds pretty interesting. Do you think there are certain countries that get better deals than others?
        Saving $2,000 a year is a really big Number.
        Do you think it will grow in to more than just the 18 countries? Or will it just concentrate on getting the best deals for those 18?
        Thanks for sharing,

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Chris!

          I saved almost $1500 and the biggest part was my travel. It works the same way everywhere, deals depend on what is in the market at that time. it finds what is out there.

          This is a young service and it went to 18 countries just in 3 years. So yes, it will grow to all, it`s the question of time. But, even if it`s not in your country at the moment, you can still use it. People are buying things from Amazon, Ebay and other, all the time.You can use Sherlock to make that search and find a good deal.

          Thanks for the comment!


      7. Kavinah says:

        I stumbled on this through WA, and I love bargains.
        I notice it’s not available on Windows phone yet.
        How soon do you think that would happen.

        In the meantime, I’ll use the desktop and report back here.
        I wonder how this compares to Quidco or Topcashback.
        Thanks for sharing.

        • Igor.P says:


          If you have time, check the new post I am about to publish where i will put the new instructional video for Shopping Sherlock app. Trust me, it`s useful to see it. In two (september), a new version of the app is coming and some new powerful features are introduced. For example, found raising platform will be a permanent part of it, and for free, of course.

          Thanks for questions and comment!


      8. Kavinah says:

        I enjoyed reading through your site.
        Your personal story is very encouraging and one I will remember always in order to stay glued here.
        Shopping Sherlock is a new discovery I found on your site. It’s a shame it’s not available yet on windows phone but I;ll try it out on my desktop.
        I will report back once I try it out.

        • Igor.P says:


          Thank you for reading the article. I don`t know where exactly did you see the info that it`s not available on windows phone! It is not correct, the app is available on all types of mobile systems and the desktop. Just scroll down to the bottom of the article, click the download link/banner and you will see all these options available. Grab your app, it`s free and really useful. It will save you a lot of money to you, your family and friends. Feel free to give it to anybody you wish.

          I am glad if my journey is inspiration to anybody and thank you for that. If you need anything else, just let me know. I am here to help!


      9. Jillian says:

        Excellent review/overview of the Shopping Sherlock App. I’m definitely downloading it right away! It’s going to be a great help in my eBay/Amazon re-selling business. I would’ve put the testimonials at the end rather than the beginning, as not everyone wants to read those. Is it only available in the U.K.? Thanks for the recommendation, great work!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Jillian!

          You are maybe right. Maybe I should put the testimonials at the end, I`ll consider it. I know as the fact that the app itself is used by many small businesses very successfully. So, I am sure it will work very well for you too. So, grab it and use it. Wish you all the best in your business!

          Thanks for the comment and useful suggestion!


      10. Dean says:

        Hello Igor,

        Great demonstration of this app, I did hear about it, but didn’t know for what it really is.

        It is not active in my country, but may I still download it?

        I hope it will be active for other countries very very soon.

        I have friends and relatives in active countries, can I send them an invitation?

        Thanks in advance,


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Dean!

          Yes of course, you can give it to everybody you know. And everybody can benefit from it, including you who live in the country where the app is not yet operational. It`s the question of time when it will be. It depends on existing distributors and their activity. That is why you see it on my website.

          So go ahead, grab it and use it. Let me know if you need any assistance and thank you for the comment and questions.


      11. Bryan says:


        This app looks like is has a lot to offer. I never heard of the Sherlock app before, but I’m glad I read about it now because I’ll likely be downloading it very soon. Some of the apps people create today are absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing this app and taking the time to write a quality review about how it works.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Bryan!

          Yes, this kind of technology is really expanding. I agree, some really amazing stuff has been made, and Sherlock is definitely one of them. It provides a great value in savings to the user. Thank you for the comment!

          All the best!


      12. Angel says:

        I am always looking for new Apps to add on my Iphone and Androids and this appears to be another one that is worth the investigation because it seems like something that is pretty convenient to saving both time and money.

        It looks neatly organized. I am not sure how I never came across until now and that is thanks to your Blog Post here. 😀

        For sure I shall use this the next time my family and I wish to plan a trip to India to see other relatives there because we could really use something that can help save us additional money too.

        Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Angel!

          Thank you for such a nice comment, you are very sweet! Well, I know you will like the app cause it is very good. The trick is to keep using it cause the market is alive and constantly changing. So sometimes you need to do the search few times until you find the deal that will satisfy you. But it is done very quickly so it is not the problem.

          I wish you a great savings next time you are to travel to India. Thanks again!

          All the best!


      13. Christine says:

        This is a very interesting read. I am not a fan of apps but you have peaked my interest with this one.

        I buy a lot of items online and usually do it on my desktop. Your detailed review of the Shopping Sherlock App makes me want to try it. I am pleased to see that Australia was on the list of countries in your screen shot.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Christine!

          Go ahead, grab it and use it. It is free so you got nothing to lose or risk. But trust me, you have a lot to gain. In average, partial users save between $200-$300 a month. I can confirm this, cause it is how it worked for me so far. Some months I made some big purchases and this way you always save more. But even smaller ones add up to quite a sum. You will love it cause it really work and as I said, it`s free.

          Thanks for the comment!

      14. Derek Marshall says:

        Hi Igor,

        Great site, great name (brilliant in fact!), nice clean design well presented. As independent fellow webpreneur, what is that social share button down the bottom called and where can i get it?

        On the subject of Sherlock, looks like a great app, but what Asian nations doe sit work in (Thailand, Malaysia, SIngapore,Indonesia, Veitnam, Phillipines?)

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Derek!

          Well thank you for the compliment, I am glad that you like it, the website it is created to give the valuable info so that is why I made it clean and to the point.

          When it comes to the app it is already established in Philippines and Taiwan and it is the question of time when it will be introduced in Singapore and Indonesia because the number of active distributors is growing rapidly in these countries. I know that cause I am the distributor and as such, I follow the latest development of the company. Personally I am working on getting India and China into the list of countries. My estimate is that within 2 years max, all of these countries will be put into the register.

          When it comes to your question about social buttons I use plugin that is called sociable. Just go to your back office and search for sociable plugin, install it, and there you go. It works very well, that is why I use it.

          Good luck with your business!


      15. Dylan says:

        This is a really great website you have here and the content is so helpful. It has a really clean and nice design too.

        This is really an amazing app that could provide tremendous value for any person that does their shopping online. I like how you said it was a search engine because that gave me a better idea of how it works. This is such a great idea.

        Thanks for the information and ill have to look into using it.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Dylan!

          Well thank you, I am doing all I can to provide the best possible value to my visitors. The app really works great and it is very useful for shoppers. But even if you are not a great shopper (like me), it is worth checking it out cause you never know what you will find. Grab it and see for yourself.

          Thanks for the comment! All the best!

      16. Alex says:

        Hey Igor,
        I spend a lot of time and money shopping on my phone but typically only use the Amazon app or Safari. The Shopping Sherlock app seems like it would be extremely useful to find products that I want at the best price available.
        When it comes to travel, how does this app compare to sites like Kayak and Orbitz?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Alex!

          If you spend a lot of time and money shopping online with your smartphone, then Sherlock is made for you! It is exactly what it is for. And it will save you both time and money. In eight months during the last year I saved $1950 on various purchases. The thing is, it incorporates everything (Amazon, Ebay, Walmart…) and puts it in one place so that you can easily go through results and find who offers you the best deal.

          I can not compare it to Kayak and Orbitz because I have never used those. But actually I got my best deal on travel using the Sherlock last year. I suggest you to follow the link to the new review of the app cause there are new features that are giving more value to users. You will find it easily within the page or you can go to it from here –

          I am sure you will find the app very enjoyable. Thanks for the comment!


      17. Tony Lee Hamilton says:

        Thank you Igor for sharing the Shopping Sherlock app my Friend, I have signed up and will take a much closer look very soon.

        I had signed up to the Shopping Sherlock way back when it first came out but I now see by your review that the updates and improvements could very well make the app much more desirable and useful.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Tony!

          Sure, have fun with it and I am sure you will find a great deals using it. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment!

          All the best! Igor

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