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    This is not the actual review of Signals King, but it will come very soon. In this article I just want to describe a situation that occured two days ago that makes me believe that this may be a scam service, therefore I definitely plan to check this service closely and do the detailed review of it.

    I would like to avoid throwing the money away as I did with the Infinity Profit System. In order to see things closely, you must get in, but I will see what can do and maybe this time I will be able to do it without the loss.


    Signals King

    Signals King


    Binary Option industry is unfortunately a scam industry in general and you need to be very careful. Of course there are brokers and services that are legit, but you have to dig deep in order to find them. Personally, I started working with Forex about 6 years ago, and just like most of people, I lost some money in the process.

    So I advise everybody to be careful and start with education first before starting with trading. And especially be careful with criminals that may call you on the phone in order to convince you to invest money in their services!


    So what happened with Signals King?


    5-6 weeks ago I found their website and I can tell you it was nothing new. I just checked it out for a moment and I walked away never thinking about it until the last week, when one of their recruiters called me on the phone. And I can tell you, that guy was a piece of work!

    Signals King is binary option signals provider and they claim to have a success ratio of between 75%-92%. There are supposedly a premium quality signal provider and you get signals without any fees, strings attached or commissions. All you need to do is to sign up and start receiving them. Take a look at the screenshot below!



    Sounds good, right? But this is not what came out when their guy called me!

    He called me last week for the first time and I told him to call me again on Monday March 21, two days ago, which he did. When he called me the first time he immediately started pressuring me to open an account with one of their trusted brokers and deposit €200-€250 in order to start receiving those signals.

    Right there you have a completely opposite info from what you find on their website. Then when he called me on Monday, he repeated the same thing and added some other things that made no sense whatsoever.

    I wish I could record the conversation so that I can show you, but I could not see that coming. This guy was a biggest fool I ever talked to!

    I asked him about this opposite info but he avoided the question. I asked him to hook me up with those signals to try them out for free, as it was claimed as possible on the website, but he refused. Every single aspect of that conversation was very alarming!

    And when he saw that he can not work me the way he intended, he just hanged up! Unbelievable!




    Forex trading is not something I incorporated into this website because this website is about starting a successful online business career. Forex trading is not a business, even though it is possible to be very profitable doing it.

    But every binary option service is a business, therefore I need to focus on this one cause it definitely smells like a scam. So what is wrong with all this?

    1. The opposing information. The info on the website does not match what one of their representatives claim. The both said that it is free, but it comes with the condition – you need to open an account with one of brokers from their list.

    This means it is not free, the condition is the price! He claimed that it is not the problem because you can tack money back if you are not satisfied, but it is not that simple. Once you deposit money on the account, it is not the guaranteed that you will be able to withdraw it. Many people got caught into this.

    2. No possibility to try it before you buy it. Do not ever let yourself be persuaded into anything, without getting a sample of the service first. Every decent signal service would win by offering it, cause that would be a chance for them to show you the validity of it. Scammers can not do that.

    3. A seller who totally lacks any sense of service and professionalism. Seriously the guy was a complete idiot, who uses pathetic strategy of avoiding relevant questions for the sake of crap story of how he is the one who will change your life and make all money you need for you.

    Based on all this, I can not possibly believe that this signal provider is valid and legit but I may be wrong. I do not have the actual proof that signals are bad, so I will see if I can find a way of testing them in any way without losing money in the process.

    I do not know when I will be able to complete this task, but as soon as I do it, I will of course publish the results here. In the meantime, if you have any comments on the subject, leave them below!



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