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    We live in times when anybody can become entrepreneur, starting and building up a small business that actually can even grow beyond that category of being small. I have done it and I know quite a few others who did it too.

    There are some challenges on the way of doing this, which in it`s essence, means a career change. There are no magical solutions in which you only push few buttons and make money, as scam artists all around the internet are claiming. Reality is different from that. Yes, it`s possible to build and develop your own business that you can thrive on, but it will take some dedicated effort, learning and patience.

    I noticed that some people mix things little bit and don`t have clear picture of what is possible to do online. I guess most people don`t really follow the pace under which the internet is developing. I can`t say I am particularly knowledgeable in this, but my willingness to always learn new things is actually what brought me where I am.


    Not Easy, Not Hard


    In order to become the entrepreneur we need to changes the way we think and do things. I have built the online business, but it is not much different from let`s say, opening a restaurant, some kind of shop or anything similar. In order to make it, we need to know our business, have sense of service and something real to offer. Some skills are needed but I don`t see that as a problem as long you are willing to go through what it takes to get them.

    This way things can be challenging and feel hard at times, but I can`t honestly say it was difficult either, when I look back at the road I traveled. After all, once you get the reward, you will definitely gain a new strength and not pay attention to difficult parts anymore.


    Online or Offline


    I have chosen to work online for two main reasons:

    1. The freedom it gives. I can have my laptop on the beach somewhere, and as long as I have WiFi there, I can work. Can it be better than that!? I can tell you, it`s worth doing it. I know, most people can`t live like this because of their family obligations and other stuff, but it`s good to be free regardless of lifestyle you will choose.


    2. No employees, locations and loads of different expenses that come with “regular” business. Let me tell you, I got a friend who runs a successful restaurant here in my town. He has been in business for more than 3 years now and he took his first vacation this summer. On top of that, he is there almost all the time, working at least 12 hours a day. By now, he has become chronically tired, while I work 3-4 hours a day. I run 3 businesses, he runs only his restaurant. Also, I can do my work any time of a day, he must be there like a regular job in fixed hours. That is one of the reasons why I went online.


    Affiliate Marketing


    At this point I run three businesses, but it all started with affiliate marketing. In the beginning I was failing, time after time, but eventually managed to come to the right track. One thing worth mentioning is that at the time before I started, I was the last person who would do anything online. I had no interest in online things whatsoever, and I had no decent internet habits at all.

    In many ways, I was like old horse that you can`t teach anything anymore. But I started, learned, applied, struggled (not necessary), and eventually came to the finish line. Actually, there is no finish line cause I am still learning and developing my business, but you do come to the point when you mostly enjoy all your previous efforts.

    Affiliate marketing is about building the website around something that interests you, talk and write about it, place products on it and make money. Once you get it going, there is no limit on how much you make.

    Would you believe me if I tell you that I know the guy who generated close to $20 000 000 in sales in the past 11 years of his career.

    Would you go through the learning process in order to make just a fraction of that money?

    You are blessed! Why? Because you are reading this article! I will tell you about one place where you can learn affiliate marketing to the last piece of info you will ever need, and build your business as you learn. The place is called WEALTHY AFFILIATE!


    Wealthy Affiliate Review

    Wealthy Affiliate Review


    You will save years of failure that I had to go through, cause I did not know about it when I started. Lucky you!

    So, now you know! And, it`s up to you. If you have any questions, let me know and donĀ“t forget to leave me the comment below!



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