Small Business Motivation

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    Through my everyday activities online I noticed a lot of content regarding motivation not only for small businesses, but for business in general. And, lot of that content I saw was actually very good, providing useful methods and tricks. I don`t know how big the need for those is, but I guess it must be big, since there is a lot of it out there.

    In this article, I have no intention to repeat what has been said in these other articles, even if I agree with many of them. I have been a successful entrepreneur for some time now, and my path from employee to entrepreneur has been long and often very difficult. In this journey I had to face with every aspect of it, so I understand the need to keep the motivation up in order go through dark times when our efforts don`t seem to be paying off.


    Making the adjustments!


    Every individual who starts this journey need to make some adjustments, mostly within themselves. After all I have gone through in order to build my businesses, I can`t honestly say that the process is difficult. I had my own unique approach to this, and it served me well. Therefore I will describe it here, and hopefully, it will serve you too.

    The difficulties people experience in this process is in the realm of psychology. It`s not the building process that is hard. Yes, it will be challenging in some phases of the process, but no challenge is too big if the thinking process don`t interfere and start sabotaging it.

    The starting point for most of us regarding the business is zero. Unless you grew up in some kind of business family, you most likely know nothing about business. It was so for me. You don`t have any developed habits for doing it and your thinking process is not adjusted to serve it. But, I never used any motivational techniques. I never believed in them. Instead, I kept myself anchored to the reality.




    The reason I never believed in motivational techniques is not because I don`t think they work. I know that they serve some people to go through challenges. But they are nothing but the internal dialogue and no internal dialogue will build your business for you. At the end of the day, you are the only one who is going do it. Let me explain what I mean.

    When people need the proper motivation for doing anything, it only means that they don`t know enough about the matter, and it seems natural that they don`t believe in the process itself. Negative feelings of doubt then need to be neutralized by positive thinking. That is the moment when need for some kind of motivation comes into the picture. The whole situation brings the feeling of not having the solid ground under your feet. But, building the business is exactly that, it is the path into unknown!

    So, people use motivational techniques to change those negative feelings into positive ones. That is the part that I don`t believe in. Simply because I know they are equally unreal. No feeling or thoughts will build your business for you. You will! The last thing you need in this process, are your thoughts or feelings, whether they are positive or not!


    How to actually build your business


    If using some ways to keep yourself motivated works for you, then by all means, keep using it! Just keep in mind that building anything in life, not only the business, is the matter of learning and applying. Thinking process is secondary. You need to know your business and even if it takes time to do it, keep yourself centered in bigger picture of what you are doing.

    Let me give you an example. In the process of building my business, I often got stuck not knowing what to do next. In these moments, I wasn`t  trying to think; “Come on Igor, you can do this!”, or “This is just temporary, you will make it”. Instead, I recognized the need and I looked for solutions. Every time I was in this kind of situation, I resolved it by realizing or finding out what to do next and learning how to do that. There is nothing more to it than that!

    I often turned within me and rested, because there was nothing I could do at that particular moment. But always, sooner or later, I either got the right idea or some unexpected help came my way and made possible for me to continue.


    3 rules

    3 rules


    As I said, know your business! Work out the details and create structure. If you don`t, how can you expect to build and maintain it. If you need to repair your car, you need to know how to do it, right. If you don`t know how to do it, you look for mechanic. The same applies for business, get help if you need it, look for solutions, learn and take action. This process will actually quiet your mind because, as you build your knowledge, the doubt will be replaced with competence.

    Running the successful business takes focus and concentrated (calculated) effort. These are state of mind, not thinking. So, I can`t tell you; be positive! But that would be stupid. Instead, I am telling you; always remain focused and learn. Never take action based on feelings and positive thinking. As I said, these are just dreams. Dreams are never real. If you work like that you will fail to get the results, you will over-work and only get disappointment.

    Only take action that is based on knowledge and educated decisions. If you work like this, your work will never be hard but easy, logical and with sense of purpose. You will never over-work and you will always get good results. Relinquish the control because it doesn`t serve you on your path into unknown. Once you reach the point of solid knowledge and education, the control will be back. Only, this time it will be real.


    Feel free to disagree with me. If you think I am wrong, leave me the comment below!
    In the meantime, I wish you all the best in your entrepreneurial efforts!



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      4 Responses to Small Business Motivation

      1. Erik says:

        Hi Igor.
        Like your article, especially that three rules. They are so true. If you don’t take a risk and go for it, you won’t have it. Pretty simple. Sometimes all you have to do is – ASK.And the last one – always tend to move forward, don’t be satisfied with what you’ve got. At least I see it that way.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Erik!

          It is not that I do things based on rules but these served me well. I never had problem to ask for help and that is how I advanced froward most of the time. One thing I realized about affiliate marketing is that nobody knows absolutely everything so it is a good idea to be open for cooperation with others. It is just wise.

          Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!

      2. John says:

        Knowledge is power. Learning everything about your business that you can will make doing things easier. I like your three rules, I use them all of the time with my 10 year old son.
        Making adjustments along your road to success will lead to faster results. I think instead of calling it motivation, it should be planning and learning. If you plan to learn how to operate your small business, you will not need to be motivated to work on it.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi John!

          You are absolutely right, the knowledge is the power. Adjustments are necessary cause developing the business does not happen on the straight line. There are occasional twists and turns and we need to be able to adjust every time that happens. Actually, I have been having such thing in my business for the least few days and I am in the process of finding the solution. That is how it is! And, motivation has nothing to do with it. We either do things or we do not, there is nothing in between!

          Thanks for the comment John! I appreciate it, and the best of luck with your business!

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