Small Business Startup Advice

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    Small Business Startup Advice

    Small Business Startup Advice

    Business startups, small or big, are challenging so I am writing this article to give you my best advises to help you do this with success. Why go through the process of trials and errors if they can be avoided? But let me mention few things before I get to the main point.

    As I have mentioned in some of my other articles, this website has been created primarily for the first time entrepreneurs, but this does not mean that people with some experience can not benefit from it. On contrary, I get contacted regularly by people who fall into this category.

    Some of them contact me because they are interested in the opportunities that are given here, and some contact me because they have tried to make a living online before and failed, just like I did many times before.

    I am giving these advises for two reasons. The first one is to help people in general offering some clarity regarding the issue. This has become a a pretty big part of my business without me consciously planning to be so. I do not mind cause I find it very rewarding but it is also connected to the second reason why I am writing these advises.

    The second reason is this; many people who contact me are doing so regarding the existing business opportunities that I offer on this website, but they are often not clear of what it takes/means to start the business on their own. They have a wrong idea about them despite the fact that reviews of these businesses I gave are very detailed.


    Best advises I can give


    Without much delay, let us get to the point. These advises are vital and you need to consider them seriously before doing anything. Otherwise, you risk failing with your startups before ever giving yourself a decent chance.


    1. Be clear whether you want it or not.

    This may seem obvious but the truth is, many engage in businesses without being clear of this, the most vital aspect of them all. Most e-mails I receive from people are about Sherlock Nation business, and in many cases people are looking for the info but within them, they are not really ready for success.

    When they see the review of this business they think: Oh, this looks like something I could do! So in the beginning, I would sign them up and later discover that it is the end of it. They show no signs of interest to propel their business forward, or they do not respond to the training. They waste their money and I waste my time.

    I do not do that anymore. Now there is a qualification process that everybody who contact me must go through. Willingness to become an entrepreneur must be there before you look for proper business opportunity for yourself.

    Maybe to you this advice seems pointless and obvious, and I am glad if it is. It means that you do not need it and that is a great thing! But I am giving it to those who do need it, and they are many.


    2. Do not go through this alone

    I have been advised to always surround myself with people that are more capable than me. I got this advice a long time ago and it always resonated with me, cause I knew it was valid. At times it was difficult to follow it, but eventually, I managed to find a great business contacts and few mentors from whom I learned so much.

    I am successful now but I did not get where I am relaying on my efforts alone. Basically nobody succeeds entirely on their own. We all need help and guidance, especially in the beginning.

    This is about taking, not giving. As first time entrepreneur, you will need all assistance you can get, so you need to find where you can get/take it. For example, I am offering it to others now, but I can do it because I took it first.


    3. Recognize and respect different stages of development of your business

    This is a problem spot for most first time entrepreneurs and I was suffering from this myself before. It is directly related to the mindset or maybe it it better to say, the lack of business mindset.

    The business mindset does not come naturally and it must be developed. This is easy to do for some people, while others struggle with it. Business mindset simply mean a number of certain qualities that must be there within you. Qualities like flexibility, patience and perseverance.

    Business startup is just that, a startup. It is only a beginning stage. After that comes the further development and profit generation stage. Many expect results to early which causes problems with motivation.

    These stages can sometimes be done faster, but not always. If there is a possibility to speed up the process, you grab it and do it. You do what you can do at the present moment, and in the meantime, you relax and rest.

    Some businesses start generating profits pretty fast but it is not something you can expect, especially as a rule. Once you realize that time plays a role in the process, you will be able to accept it and use it to your benefit.



    These are fundamental advises, and as such, they are not related to any particular business model but apply to them all. I know they are valid and that they work well. I have learned them from others myself so I do not take credit as their creator. I can only assure you that they are solid through my own experience.

    If you follow them you will avoid much of the headache and trouble. You will avoid many challenges related to business startups. They will be replaced by peace of mind which will also have a very constructive impact to your effectiveness.

    If you have any inputs on the subject, or any question, leave me a comment below!



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      14 Responses to Small Business Startup Advice

      1. Effie says:

        Hi and thank you for taking your time to write down this post. These are mistakes that often people do when they come to start up a business (even me at the beginning I was expecting too much in such a little time,which is wrong) and your advices are necessary for someone who wants to start up.

        • Igor.P says:


          Thank you for reading it. The way I see it, mistakes are almost impossible to avoid at first, but if we adjust and learn from them, we do get to the right track eventually. I did just like you with those unrrealistic expectations, that is why I know what to avoid now.

          Thank you for the comment! Wish you all the best!

      2. Diane says:

        Hello Igor: Thanks for your words of wisdom!
        I have spent way too much time on online courses that went nowhere. Because there was little support and no community, I became frustrated and dropped out—losing a lot of money.
        You’re so right when you say, “Basically nobody succeeds entirely on their own.” I am so grateful that the Wealthy Affiliate folks are such a supportive, helpful group. It’s tough to succeed when we run into obstacles that we can’t resolve on our own…but so great to know that there are lots of people ready and willing to help us with our challenges.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Diane!

          Well, I did that too, with many dead-end courses. Such a waste of time, but as I see you have found WA, so those days of frustration are gone forever. You have already made it!

          Thanks for the comment and best of luck with your business!

      3. Yourvapingneeds says:

        I thank you for your articular as I am one of those people who really want to do this & I am already in it, but I’m getting to that point of FEAR & worrying if it’s all going to work out. Your comment “You do what you can do at the present moment, and in the meantime, you relax and rest.” is exactly what I need to keep reminding my self!!! Also the it’s all about perseverance, perseverance, perseverance!!! At least that’s the key for me. I have the passion and the will, I just need to persevere.
        Thanks Again & I will enjoy reading more in the future :)

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Melissa!

          I am glad if some of those details resonate with you. We are all different but I know that most people share a common way of reacting to things. If you keep remainding yourself about something, it will become the part of your mind and you will benefit from it. That is why I write about these mental/psychological aspect of doing the business online. They are as important as the business itself.

          Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!


      4. Adeel says:


        I love your article – it’s very well written and easy to read due to the well thought layout.

        Your article is really so much helpful and informative. These days we have so many scam on internet and that’s the reason people giving up on online business but I thank you for writing a honest article. Thank you so much for sharing it.

        I wish you best of luck.

        • Igor.P says:


          You are very welcome! And you are right, scams really create a lot of problems for people online and valuable info is needed more than ever. I do my best to provide that to my visitors cause there are also some really great stuff out there as well. Thanks for a feedback and such nice comment, I appreciate it!

          Best of luck! Igor

      5. tyler says:

        I agree most people get into something there not sure about you got to be 100% in or noun to be something more then another person.It always helps when you have people on your side rooting for you. You got to respect your self and the other side as well. This is a great post. thank you for sharing it.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Tyler!

          Yes, at least some kind of supportive environment is important, but it will not help if we are not determined to make it happen. Thanks for the comment, highly appreciated!

          All the best!

      6. Maria says:

        These are some great points about starting up a business and what it takes. I was especially impressed when you mentioned not doing it alone. It’s true, we truly need support and help. What do you suggest doing if you can’t find anyone to help you? Are there programs or things out there that you recommend to help a person who is interested in starting a business?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Maria!

          It is important to find some kind of success environment to join, because help and support are needed, especially to beginners. Most people have superficial approach to online business and it is mostly based on lack of proper education.

          What do I suggest doing if you can`t find anyone to help you? Keep searching! That is the only thing you can do, and those who seek find it eventually. When it comes to affiliate marketing, WA is the best option and it can be the only one, from what I know. It gives you everything you need, education, all tools you will ever need to build your business and support, both technical and in form of encouragement when you lose your patience.

          Beginners need patience, but once you reached a certain level of your business development, patience naturally falls of.

          Thanks for the comment and best of luck with your business.


      7. jessie palaypay says:

        One thing that stuck out to me when you mentioned people asking “how long it will take to make money” is that they have already set themselves up as if they are going to lose. I feel like they have a I want it yesterday mentality and i think thats bad.

        As you mentioned, mindset is critically important. Its a good thing we have people in the community that can give practicality to them and help develop their mindset.

        Anyways wish you well and thank you for the inspiring stories,


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Jessie!

          Thank you very much for the comment! And yes, you are right, within the community, together with all the support, everything is possible. I heard someone say about the online business- you can`t do this alone. I am not sure about that but it is much easier to succeed when you have access to people who have already done it and know every angle that needs to be covered.

          Wish you all the best!


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