Social Media Marketing – For Business Purposes!

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    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is a big component of online marketing and business, and as such, it is important for the overall success of your business. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to use social media platforms properly. I guess most of people today have one or two social media accounts but using them for business is different from using them for purely social and casual reasons.

    Every decent affiliate program out there must cover this topic as part of the its education, and it is definitely the case with the best of them all – Wealthy Affiliate. The Bootcamp course nr4 within WA is completely dedicated to this subject. But I must admit that for me personally, this was the most difficult part to learn. The reason for this is simple – I have never liked social media much!

    I have never liked it cause I am not social in that way and I hate the online chit-chat. But as I said, it is different for business and when I realized that, it put everything in different light so I did all the work. At the end, when I saw very positive effects it had on my business, I even started to like it.


    Why are they so important!


    When you start affiliate marketing business you must pay attention to SEO and Google rankings, doing all the work necessary for it. I will cover these topics on separate posts but for now we need to keep in mind that social media marketing is very important factor for improving those.

    Why? Besides the fact that you will get traffic directly from your social accounts, building good presence on social media will also improve your ranking positions, which leads to even more traffic and success of your website.

    Just like it takes time to build the business in general, it takes time to build social media presence, to build the number of followers and connections. It must be done the right way because some people do it the wrong way and get no results from their efforts. I will explain later.

    So I will get into some of the most important social media platforms for business purposes and explain how they work. These are:

    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • Reddit




    One thing with Twitter that I like is that it is very active and alive. And it is not filled with junk as much as Facebook. Yes there is still a lot of it, many tweets are just crap, but you will learn to not pay attention to it cause you will also find some nice stuff there.

    I have no idea how many accounts exist on Twitter, nor is it important in any way, but Twitter is great for directing the traffic to your website. Unlike some other sites, you can be very active on it and post many tweets per day keeping the level of activity high.

    But when it comes to building the number of your followers, do not get carried away. You build your network by starting to follow other people, hoping that they will follow you back. The best way to do this is to find others who are active in your niche and follow their followers. This way you will build your network focused on your niche.


    Twitter - My New Account

    Twitter – My New Account


    It is much better to have 100 followers who are interested in your niche than 5000 who are not, so keep that in mind! After a few days, clean the list. I usually wait for 4-5 days before I unfollow people who do not follow me back. Also, do not follow to many at once cause Twitter will punish you, it does not allow doing this massively, ad 25 new people per day!

    It is possible to build your network much faster that this but you will need to use services created for this purpose, likeĀ  StatusBrew, but it cost some money. I have not tried it myself yet, but as I did some research on it, it looks like it is well worth the money. I am going to try it out and I will inform you about it later.

    Also, when you post your tweets, try to create some diversity. If you only tweet about your business and products you will not get the response that is good enough. Connect with people instead by tweeting about other stuff as well. If you make 5 tweets per day, make 2-3 about your business, the rest can about something funny or something useful but outside of your niche. This way you will get much better response.




    LinkedIn is very different from other media platforms. Back in 2015, there was 340 000 000 accounts on it and around 40% of accounts owners log in to their accounts every day. It is a serious business-related media platform in which you will not find junk that is regularly posted on other places.

    It is a media for professionals created for making good business connections. As such, LinkedIn is not suitable for just every kind of business.





    If you are selling shoes or t-shirts, then you will do much better on other media platforms, LinkedIn will not be for you! Creating the account is free but there is option to get premium account, which cost some money every month. Of course, premium accounts offer provide advanced features that may be very useful, but they are not necessary for just every type of business.

    NOTEYou do not post pictures of your kids, vacations or your cooking recipes on LinkedIn!

    You may post articles or other material and get traffic, but they are expected expected to be of high quality and value. The same way, if you open the account, join some groups and follow the activity for a while, you will find a lot of content that may be beneficial to you in form of learning the business in general.


    LinkedIn - Post Examples

    LinkedIn – Post Examples


    There are no followers on LinkedIn, you build connections!

    LinkedIn is perfect media for recruiting and prospecting, and that is exactly what I use it for. I do not use it for getting the traffic to my website at this point because I still have some more work to do to increase the number of my connections, which is little over 700 at this point.

    It is more vital to create attractive profile on LinkedIn then on the other media platforms. You get connections by sending the connection request to other members. Do not send more than 30 a day and you can expect between 10-40% acceptance on your requests.

    Due to nature of my business I have studied LinkedIn much more other media platforms and I will cover it separately on another post.




    I find Pinterest very interesting although I am not the expert on it yet. But I can tell you, soon after I started developing the Pinterest presence, I noticed a good increase in traffic! And it is also very important for improvement of your rankings.

    The Pinterest works as combination of the visual effect (picture)and the info (content). You create boards of interest in which you place your pins that are related to them. You will of course create boards regarding your business, but you will also need to diversify them with other subjects in order to capture peoples interest.


    Pinterest - My Boards

    Pinterest – My Boards


    People choose to follow you but you build the list of followers in similar fashion as Twitter, by following others first. In difference to Twitter there is no service that support the building of the account quickly, so we all still need to do it manually.

    But you do not have the limitation that Twitter impose. You can follow 100 or 200 people a day without any problems. What I like with Pinterest is the simplicity, so there is not much to say when it comes to instruction on how to do it. So go create the account, create at least 10-15 different boards with different topics, get the Pinterest button that will allow you to pin just about anything from the internet, and enjoy the process! Be creative, the sky is the limit!




    I know of some marketers who are using Reddit for driving traffic to their website with results that are literally mind-blowing. They get 100 000`s of visits per month and I know about the case of 500 000 per month. So there is no question about Reddit`s power.

    Reddit is more like a forum then social media, so you do not acquire followers. It is perfect for posting your website articles but, it is very important to post quality stuff on it. Many people make mistake with Reddit by spamming it and they get punished.


    Reddit - Front Page

    Reddit – Front Page


    Reddit is made out of many subreddits, which are nothing else but communities gathered around a certain topic. Every community/subreddit have a certain set of rules that you need to read and follow. Some of them do not allow any activity the first month of your engagement with Reddit, and some of them hardly have any rules. See the picture below, to the right!


    Subreddit Rules

    Subreddit Rules


    Once you join, you will subscribe to several subreddits and you will look to those who are related to your topics and have a large number of members/subscribers. This way you will target your niche and people who are interested in what you do.

    It is important to understand to not get in and post a lot of material at once. Reddit does not allow that. You will post one article per day and make sure that what you post is the best of what you got. You may post one and single article to several subreddits but as I said, one per day!

    Do not forget to create contacts by commenting on other people`s stuff and up-vote things you think are valuable. This way you will not look like seller but somebody who is interested in community. If you do this, you will be appreciated and have much better response from others.

    Reddit is a very powerful media for your business and I will cover it in separate article giving more in depth instructions. In the meantime, follow these simple guidelines and you will be fine.


    Few final words


    You have certainly noticed that I have left out the Facebook from this list. The reason for this is simple! The Facebook can be used for business with success, but considering the fact that it is a biggest trash disposal in the world, I find it pretty unsuitable for business.
    In the same time, these platforms that I have just covered are much better and since they are needed, Facebook can be left out! But it is of course up to you! I leave it out because I do not like it, but the size of it definitely tells me that I am a minority.

    I have heard a very good description of Facebook once – it is a cocktail party! And it is definitely correct. So, do you go to cocktail party to conduct your business? I think not.

    Social media is very powerful for business and it should be used to the maximum, but you need to remember that it takes time to grow your account and build a presence, just like with business in general. Set aside an hour every day to maintain and take care of your accounts and you will soon enjoy all benefits from them.

    I would like to hear your opinion on the subject, let me know what accounts you have already by leaving me a comment below!




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