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    Success Environment

    Success Environment

    What every entrepreneur should be aware of is the importance of the environment for our individual success, and the influence it produces. If you are the first time entrepreneur you maybe need to keep this in mind more often than those with experience, because they most likely already have their network of business connections.

    In the article I recently wrote – 5 Things Successful People Do, one thing that I pointed up is to manage your relations, both business and personal, properly. This means a lot of things but all people we interact with are part of our environment. It does not matter whether they are family members or business connections, we need to set them up in the way that is balanced and functional.


    Every accomplishment we experience, big or small, usually depend on more than our own efforts


    Most of the time other people who may contribute in various ways to our success, are involved. Having that in mind we should use those people fully just like we will return the favor with our assistance when needed or through the compensation of other kind.

    In my business I have connections that are regular part of my daily activities. People who do the marketing campaigns for me, copywriters who write my sales letters, people who I exchange experience and ideas with, and so on….

    These are all people who I met at some point during the process of building my business and I know them well now. They regularly contribute to the further development of my business and provide very valuable support just being there doing what they are doing. It is a give and take kind of relationships.

    Without them I would have much more work to do on the regular basis and I would have missed a lot of great ideas that I found very useful in the process so far. It is vital to connect with people who can propel us forward, and this is very important for the first time entrepreneurs to remember.


    Dealing with startup challenges


    Startups are challenging and good/supportive business environment is the best thing that can help us deal with those challenges smoothly. Dan Kennedy has once said that one of keys to success is to constantly be focused on learning process. You can do this by reading and studying, or attending the seminars or other kind of gatherings that are related to the business we are involved with.

    It is more or less the never-ending process and one of the best places to start is Wealthy Affiliate, especially for the first time entrepreneurs.


    WA Review

    WA Review


    The value of Wealthy Affiliate is immense. 500 000 attentive and helping members really makes the best success environment I know of. I do business outside of WA as well, but to be honest, WA has really been a secret to my success.

    In my case WA has been a central point of focusing all my business efforts and gathering them in the one controllable space. It is not strange considering the fact that WA offers the best education together with great support of every kind. From technical maintenance of the websites and hosting, to the always available help from other members, it is all there.

    Of course we are always responsible for our actions and efforts which means we always need to be active in our approach, but with this kind of support, it is really hard to fail in building the long term and sustainable business. And that is all we need.

    I hope this info was helpful, if you have any comments leave them below!



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