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    Learning about differences between the employment and entrepreneurship may be crucial if you are on your way to become an entrepreneur yourself. And that would be also a proper start cause you will be doing one essential thing that no entrepreneur must be afraid of; learning!

    Whatever task you have in front of you, good preparation is always wise. And, using the experiences form others is very useful thing in order to do that. Why discover something form the start if you can get the input from people who already took that path. Without it, it would be like trying to discover the light-bulb again. No need, it`s already discovered.

    I have been an employee for the most part of my life and I have left it in order to start working for myself. I have reached that goal! Challenges I faced on the path were sometimes overwhelming, but it was more than worth it. For that reason, I am writing this article in order to help you smooth the process if you are about to take this journey yourself.


    Employment is Limiting


    As an employee, you are actually working for the entrepreneur. There are many different categories of employment and some of them may be even considered as entrepreneurial. Nevertheless, for the employee, things are usually very fixed. An employee is an asset to the entrepreneur`s disposal. It is the order of things.

    Most people like this role. They skip much of the responsibility, but they also miss the power to influence their own situation. The entrepreneur is like a captain of the ship, he decides the direction and everybody else follow the orders, serving the process. Basically, the entrepreneur is the leader and employee is the follower.


    Profit and Salary


    As an employee, you work to make the entrepreneur rich, while you are just getting a crumbs from the table in order to survive. I remember my last employment. I worked with the maintenance which made the production process possible every day. The company made between 100-500 million SEK a month, and my pay was $2500.

    As an entrepreneur, even if we are talking about small business, you will start working for the profit. This was the main reason why I went through all the trouble of becoming one. As an entrepreneur, you can also have the possibility to influence the level of your profits.




    As an employee you will be requested to learn some things from your employer. But, that learning will always be to the benefit of the employer, not necessarily yours. Remember, you are an asset. This is the matter of focus and your benefit is not the part of it.
    As an entrepreneur you will need to shift that focus.

    The part of entrepreneurial spirit is openness to see the situation and possibilities to move forward. Always to your own benefit. Openness to learn, assimilate and adjust to new circumstances and situations, are always part of a business. That is how you run any of it, big or small.




    Your employer will always put some responsibilities in front of you. The decisions you will be making as an employee will be limited and usually dictated by the requirement from you employer. You will not have the responsibility for the work/business situation in general.

    On the other hand, this level of responsibility falls on entrepreneur. Being a leader always mean planing and that brings responsibility for every action taken. There is no other way. This entails rules for employee to follow, as well. The employee follow them while the entrepreneur make them and break them, when needed.


    So, what does it take?


    The shift from an employee to an entrepreneur is primarily on the level of thinking and focus, and that is the most difficult part to most people. Doing falls into place when this is as it should be. Everything starts with learning. You need to know your business and always be willing to learn new things as they appear to be necessary.

    On this website, you have two business opportunities presented and learning will be the starting point. You will adjust to the process as you progress until you reach the phase of being able to stand on your own and be creative. I went through this process, so I know.
    The patience is necessary cause it will take time to see desired results. You can`t build any business over one night, or two, so be patient.

    It also takes time to develop some habits like focus on seeing through the process and being effective. As an entrepreneur you will want to be able to achieve the maximum effect, using minimum effort. And always calculate the balance between the investment and results.

    By my experience, with time you become better and more effective. Once you get it going, it`s easy. And if you ask me, worth every effort!

    Thank you for reading. I appreciate comments, so leave me one below!



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      6 Responses to The Difference Between the Employee and Entrepreneur

      1. Ben says:

        I personally work on at two things.

        The first is at iwriter, where I work for low pay for OTHER people so that THEY can build up their websites and earn $$$. It’s really silly why anyone would do that as a long term plan. Why not write for your own website? You’ll have more fun and can make more.

        I also am building up my own website. But this takes time and it’s not a paid per article thing. So when I start earning enough from my website, I’M FINISHED WITH WORKING FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S PET DREAMS!!!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Ben!

          I guess we have all been employees at some point in our lives. But the good thing is that we can always make a change. Just as you said; why not write/work for your own website. It is definitely more fun and you can make much more! Why leaving money on the table?

          It is great thing that you have started building your own website. Yes, it takes time but keep going cause you can`t fail. All the best to you.

          Thanks for the comment!

      2. Dkaning says:

        Wow Igor!
        Your article is amazing bro! Thank you so much for distinguishing between an employee and an entrepreneur. Far too many people do not recognize the difference between the two and sadly enough, many people do not have the thinking process and focus needed to excel. Nice work, Igor and I wish you all the best :)

        • Igor.P says:


          Yes you are right, many people can recognize the difference but I would say they don`t even look for it cause it is not a part of their paradigm. It is just a part of collective programming. But I guess those who can they do it.

          Thanks for the comment, it is highly appreciated!

      3. Sammi says:

        I completely agree with the differences between the two. I do feel that in some cases though, it is beneficial to have been an employee before becoming an entrepreneur – but that really depends on the business. It takes time for an entrepreneur to actually need employees but an entrepreneur’s business can’t run without them.. if that makes sense! Suppose what I’m saying is both are needed, we can’t just have one type. The world is mainly made up of employees so it’s time some more entrepreneurs emerged… and the internet is the best and easiest place to do it! Making money on the other hand, is a bit harder to do… Sammi

        • Igor.P says:


          I think you are right. It is beneficial to be an employee first, but that is how almost everybody begin their professional life. In my case, my employments pushed me to become an entrepreneur. I didn`t like working for others so I needed to do the effort to change that. But you are right, both are needed, and I guess majority of people will always be employees.

          Thanks for the comment Sammi! Wish you all the best!

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