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    I have been working online for quite some time now, since 2009, and every piece of info I have ever received about MLM type of businesses has been negative. From beginning, I didn`t even know what MLM was. I was building websites hoping to make living out of it. And I did finally, but this was still not even under my radar.

    I engaged in additional business at late spring this year (2015). This is mobile business, working as licensed distributor for Shopping Sherlock app. And, this is when I actually understood what this negative MLM hype is all about.

    This post is not about SS business but the MLM, cause the part of this company`s business model is structure building of Multi-Level-Marketing type. When I engaged this business I did it because it is a very solid and profitable business opportunity. The MLM part I have missed completely and one of my friends has brought this to my attention.


    The Negative


    I noticed his very negative reaction when I mentioned the team building part of it, even though he liked the basic part very much. let me explain; this business is about the SS app which is a search engine designed to quickly find you the best deal and price for products you are looking for to buy online. The app is free so there is no selling involved. This is why I like it.

    When users use the app you get payed. It`s that simple and this is one part of business. The other part is team building and this obviously follows the MLM model. I don`t even go around trying to get people into this business but reactions to this part are always negative.

    I have signed up 3 new distributors by now, and those are simply people who asked me questions and liked the facts about the business. I wan`t even trying to sign anybody up. Anyway, some of these negative reactions made me to think about it and I started doing some research to find some explanation. What I found out amazed me, and it definitely explains this massive negativity towards it.


    The Truth


    First, I noticed many MLM groups on Facebook so I started there. I quickly realized that there is endless number of these so called “opportunities” so I picked a few to see what they are about. I can`t recall exact details now but you can find such examples any time in these groups. Nevertheless, this guys add was saying something like- make $50-$150 every day processing e-mails, working 30 min a day.

    Definitely, too god to be true and that`s the reason why I wanted to check this out. I contacted him and asked for more info. He sent me his website which, as he said, contains all the info. The only thing there was 10-15 minutes video. The person in the video was talking about new phenomenon called something (don`t really remember what) and it was all made very serious.

    But this person was talking about getting few others into your team and when those others get their others, you are starting making some serious money.

    Not for the single moment did he mention any service, product or e-mail processing that this company do. I couldn`t get any specific info about it and in the real world, this is the point where you should just drop it. It is a scam, no doubt! But, I decided to follow through and see how far this goes.

    So, I contacted this guy from Facebook again and told him this. I asked what exactly I would be doing if I join and how much money is he making. His answer was really a shock to me, he said; the same thing I do! That is the “job”! Basically, what he was saying is;- “Pump the endless number of adds every day on these groups about NOTHING, and see if you can get some other miserable bastards pay you for that nothing”.

    If there is a company that has started all this, they should all be jailed for lifetime. Yes, we are all responsible for our actions and directions in life, but this is a fraud. No service, no product, no valuable information to provide for others always mean- NO BUSINESS!

    I tried one more of these opportunities out there and got the same results. So, I got my answer! I really understand the negative attitude that people have towards these MLM things now. And, with all right!


    True Business Online


    Recently, I have written an article about the very foundation of what it takes to start business online. I suggest you to read it HERE! The thing is, no business is possible without having something of value to offer to others. It can be product, a service or information, it doesn`t matter.

    Just to give you an example; when I give the SS app to somebody, I am doing him a favor, providing a service. Even if he thinks he doesn`t need it, it is very useful and REAL service, he just need to discover it. Is he gonna do it? I don`t know, it`s not my business! My business is to provide it, and respect the choices people make. As long it`s real and true, I got the business. It`s just that simple.

    And, the MLM part? It doesn`t change anything nor is in any way negative, if there is a legit and solid value behind it. This is what doing business is all about. People are very negative about MLM`s because they are probably way over 90% a fraud, trying to steal some money from people.

    That is the truth about online world and it makes it almost impossible to find legit and true business opportunities out there. But, they are out there! Trust me on this, if you can!

    If you care to leave me the comment below I would appreciate it!



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