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    Even though this is one of the biggest subjects in the world, because almost everyone in the world right now is in need to make some extra cash online or have it as completely new career, not everybody is ready to invest some time and effort in it.

    The most common approach towards online entrepreneurship is the expectancy of quick cash for no effort whatsoever, which of course, only lead to disappointments. However, those who are realistic enough realize that online work is the same as offline – you do the work and you make the money! No shortcuts!

    So, education is needed and the best education of this kind is, as I have mentioned in many articles on this website, – Wealthy Affiliate!

    WA teaches affiliate marketing in a way that guarantees success to everybody who is willing to learn, apply and go through ALL EDUCATION. This means that it takes some time to make it happen. Before you become wealthy, you first get smaller results, but so is it with everything.

    Most people ask how fast does this happen, but personally the way I see it, this is the wrong question to ask. The right questions to ask are – How Do I Start? Do I Want This?, or so.

    I suggest being honest with yourself and ask yourself these questions before doing anything else. After all, why waste any effort in something that is maybe not your thing. The online freedom is not for everybody.


    The Perspective


    I become independent working online, doing the same thing I am telling you about, affiliate marketing. I put the time and effort into education, did the work, and got where I am today. It is not more complicated than that.  The greatest beauty of online marketing to me is the fact that can be done from everywhere. I know, not everybody desires that, but I do pretty much.

    Well, for the last 4 weeks I have been here in Corfu(Greece), in this wonderful “home office” which is nothing else than the balcony of my room.

    This is my living space:


    My Room


    My OFFICE:

    My Office

    My Office


    And the view I have from my office; (Mediterranean Sea is little shaky today)

    My View

    My View


    The point is, and the reason why I am telling you all this, is that it is DOABLE! It is not easiest thing to do, but it is not as hard as you may believe either. You got to be little smart about it and be realistic. How you will use all these benefits it gives, stay at home or go to prolonged vacation is of course up to you.

    So basically, work, learn, and you will be successful! Everybody can reproduce the work I did because the education I took is available to everyone!

    Keep this in mind, and remind yourself of what you will get at the end. It may be challenging in the beginning if you have no knowledge in website building, marketing and promotion, but it is easy to learn if you want to learn and reap the benefits of the knowledge.

    I hope you are one of those who will do this seriously and join the small club of successful online marketers. We will be happy to have you and assist you along the way. Use the link from above to JOIN, and if you have any question, leave me a comment below! I will be happy to answer all question you may have!




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