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    I believe we would all agree that unemployment is a very problematic situation in which any person can find itself. The lack of basic resources to make decent living is nothing to desire, and many people experience this these days.

    At the present moment, unemployment rates vary form country to country and I know that those rates presented publicly can not be taken blindly, because the situation is often worse than it is presented. I live in Sweden and I honestly do not know how big unemployment rate is here, but I guess the situation is not as bad as in many other European countries.





    Nevertheless, I am not writing this article to make analysis of economic situation in Europe, or elsewhere. To be honest, I could not care less about it. Correct me if you think I am wrong, but the way I see it, it is our individual responsibility to take care of that. We can not sit and wait for governments to solve that for us.

    I am writing this article to offer a useful and practical solution to take care of this issue once and for all, on the individual level, to everybody who is ready to take things in his own hands and do something about it.


    Closer than most people think


    So what is this solution I am talking about. It is simple – ENTREPRENEURSHIP! I know, many people would say – hold on brother, it is not easy to start a business and it costs a lot! Well, the answer to the first argument – it is not easy, is pretty relative. In truth, it is not easy, but not hard either!

    It does demand a certain level of focus, dedication and work, which is something that not everybody can produce. But I will explain what kind of entrepreneurship I mean in a minute and you may realize what I am talking about.

    When it comes to the argument of cost, I guess most people relate to regular business models which usually demand some bigger cash supply to start with. Business like restaurants or bars, shops, manufacturing of products, or any other kind that demands a lot of work, locations which means rent, employees and so on…

    Well, you will not be dealing with any of these in this case! You investment is literally $1 a day for all education and business development, and profits can be as big as 6 figures a year.

    So what is this thing? Simple – ONLINE ENTREPRENEURSHIP!


    Online business – the best thing there is!


    No need for this anymore

    I know pretty much everything regarding online business possibilities cause I went all the way with them and used them to my benefit first. Do not misunderstand me, there is so much stuff on the internet and nobody knows it all, but what I mean with this is that I know what it takes to start, develop and run a successful online marketing business.

    Therefore I am telling you, you should seriously consider this possibility! There is no reason to wait for job market to turn positive in order for you to find a job. And why would you? However it turns to be, you will never make as much money as you can do it working for yourself, and you will never have freedom we all desire to have.

    If you are out of work right now means that you have time to start educating yourself and start building your business without any distractions. I know, nobody have a life that is so simple, but it is way more easier than what I did in my case.

    When I first started my online career, I was still working, which means I needed to incorporate all that in my already busy schedule. It was challenging, and that is why I am telling you, you can use your present situation to your favor.

    So let me start being practical and tell you what you need to do to start online business!


    Wealthy Affiliate


    Every day, millions of products are sold all over the internet, products of every kind and shape. For example, we all know about worlds biggest retailer – Amazon! They sell enormous number of products every day and they offer the possibility to others to sell those products for them. All for a commission of course. And this is called affiliate program.

    Amazon is one of 10 000`s and maybe one of 100 000`s of affiliate programs out there and they all want people to work with them. They want people to set up a website, put the informational and helpful content on it, and sell those products they offer.

    They want you also to do it with greatest success possible because the more successful you are, the more money they make. And they gladly pay you your commissions. This is a win-win situation!

    This is what affiliate marketing is all about in its essence!


    Now, you may say – ok, it sounds good but I have no idea how to do all this! Well, you never know anything until you learn, and the best education in affiliate marketing in the world is – WEALTHY AFFILIATE!


    Wealthy Affiliate Review

    Wealthy Affiliate Review


    I took this education myself and that is what gave me the possibility to drop my last employment and fire my boss. It literally transformed my life so I am telling you about it now, simply to show you what is possible.

    Honestly, the process of learning all this will most likely be challenging. Why? Simply because most people are not trained to become entrepreneurs, and becoming one means a CHANGE OF THE MINDSET!

    The education is top notch which means that if you finish it, you will have a successful business running. And I am telling you, the education in itself is not difficult at all. The only thing you may need to deal with, as I have mentioned, is your thinking process. Simply because it will take some time to finish the education and you may be in battle with yourself because of the lack of patience and focus.

    For WA details, just read my review of it above!


    What do you get out of it!


    Now, your decisions are yours and you will will do what is best for you. Just because this is available and possible, it does not mean it is the right thing for you, but I seriously think you should consider this. Think about what it gives to you:

    • Independence! When you are capable to generate your own income regardless of what is happening in the society you live in, especially when it comes to economy, that is a very powerful place to be!
    • Freedom! Think about it for a minute. You can pack your bag, bring your laptop with you and you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. These days you have access to internet just about everywhere. I guess you still will not be able to go to the Brasilian rain-forest and work, but I hardly think you will miss that much. On the other hand, how free are you when you work for others?
    • Great personal economy! Ability to scale your business and make more money! We all work for money but being able to affect the level of how much you make… well, I do not know about you but that is definitely worth any effort!

    The way I see it, this is the possibility there is, and every individual – unemployed or employed, should take a look at it and consider it seriously. As I have said, I started my online business to take a freedom from slavery that employment actually is.

    You may have other reasons but whatever case it may be, do not let this pass you by!

    If you have any questions or concerns, leave me a comment below!



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      2 Responses to Unemployment – Get rid of it, once and for all!

      1. angelce903 says:


        I 100% agree with you! I do believe that if we had more entrepreneurs, people would strive to be more responsible and the world would be better. No kidding. I was listening to a pastor’s sermon one day and he was saying that being an “overseer”, i.e. an entrepreneur was better because we would be free to serve the Lord whereas being an employee means that…you are on the yoke of someone else. Thank you for this wonderful message and keep going!

        • Igor.P says:


          I am not a religious man but I understand what you mean, we actually talk about the same thing. The ways I see it, serving ourselves is the best thing we can do, then we can contribute to the environment and other people. But we need to develop ourselves first before we can even think of doing something for others.

          Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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