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    Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate

    I am writing this article to inform and offer some solutions when it comes to complaints about Wealthy Affiliate. I think it is needed because many people do not really understand what they are dealing with or what they are supposed to do, once they join WA community.

    The only kind of complaints I have ever heard about WA are complaints about the training material, being too abundant! Most people experience the feeling of being overwhelmed by it. It is a little funny situation cause most other affiliate educational programs out there are either not working at all, or they are not offering training good enough to do anything.


    The Truth About WA


    To be honest, the training material within WA is extremely abundant, but I do not understand how can anybody take that in negative way. I am not trying to defend the WA here cause it does not need any defense, but I need to explain.

    First, the core of the education is the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, which is what you start with. And you have 5 levels of it. Each level is divided into 10 lessons with their daily tasks. It is all made by learn-and-apply principle. So all together you have 50 lessons of basic training.

    Beyond that you have way more than that in form of additional tutorials, webinars and instructions. I don`t even know how much of it is there, but this material is a support material to the core training. All you need to do to access it is to search in the register, and it is there.

    What many people fail to realize from the start is that WA is not only the best affiliate marketing school in the world, but it is a business school as well. Once you start your education you are actually learning online business. In what universe can anybody expect to get business going within a few days or weeks, and get rich so quickly?

    On some level many people believe that the whole thing will turn into some kind of push-button thing, not realizing that everything depends on them and their effort and activity through the time. The time is the key here!

    So some people join and get lost in this vastness of training but it is totally unnecessary to go through this difficulty. This feeling of being overwhelmed by it is not based on anything real. These complaints are not substantial or valid in any way.


    How and What To Do


    This whole thing is resolved in very simple way. All you need to do is follow the training, and the training is Online Entrepreneur Certification courses. In the meantime, do not even pay attention to all this other training material!

    The idea behind all this is also very simple. You need the basic education first before you get into more advanced stuff. That is logical, is it not! By going through the core training you build your knowledge and understanding of how this works. And you will not be overwhelmed by doing that, cause all you need to focus upon is your daily task.

    This learning process will build up and all you need to do is to work a little bit everyday and go through the process, without over-thinking it. After some time you will reach the point of deeper understanding and then you will come to the additional material as the need for it appears, that is all.

    This feeling of being overwhelmed comes when people rush through the process to fast and try to assimilate to much at once. Take it easy, this is a process that takes time. Again, as I said, the time is the key here! Everything happens through the time, and going slowly finding your own pace, is the fastest way to come to your destination.



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