Wealthy Affiliate Review, By My Own Experience

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    NAME: Wealthy Affiliate
    Overall Ranking: 10/10
    Price: $0 to join&free membership, $49 a month for premium
    Owners: Kyle and Carson
    Website: Wealthy Affiliate





    My way towards success was tough, full of dead ends and failures, until I finally found the right track and reached the goal. I was rather naive from beginning but the whole process made me very skeptical and critical. I`m doing this review from that point of view. Basically, I can`t avoid it even if I would want to.

    I guess, most of the business-minded people who start looking for opportunities to do business online for the first time, are not aware of the number of scams that they will inevitably meet. For that reason, the honest and truthful information is needed more than ever.

    Wealthy Affiliate has been created back in 2005 by two, at that time young computer science students from Vancouver-British Columbia, Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim. They started working online separately but later they joined forces and created WA. In Carson´s own words, the reason why they created WA was;- “To bridge the gap between education, social networking, and technology”.


    The User Experience-How Does It Work?


    So what is Wealthy Affiliate in reality? It is primarily the learning and training center for absolutely everything within the field of affiliate marketing. All in purpose to learn how, and then to actually apply the knowledge and create sustainable, long-term business online.

    You start with the primary, getting started course. It`s divided in 10 lessons, all very easy to follow. It is very practical, cause every tutorial is created in the way so that you will apply the instructions easily. You build your business this way and you will be surprised how quickly you advance.

    It is also a large community of like-minded people. I don`t have exact numbers but I am pretty sure that the number of members at this point is well over 300 000. It is free to join and you can build your business as a free member. You don`t have to become premium member EVER, if you so desire!

    Once you join, it may take a moment to get familiar with everything available inside, which is a lot. The most important thing is that you can start with your training right away. To simplify things, let me mention some of the best things with this program:


    • Training programs. Divided into levels, from starting courses to advanced ones. Video tutorials, classrooms and webinars. All additional training is stored in archives always available when you need them. No stone has been left unturned. All courses are very easy to follow and implement. You build your business step by step as you progress through the training material.
    • Large community of helpful members. The community is really amazing and very helpful. It works as support at any time of a day or night. When you get stuck with something it is meant that you will ask for assistance. And you ALWAYS get it.
    • Live chat. This is additional form of support where you can get help and ask questions immediately
    • Two professionally created websites with all tools needed for them.
    • Advanced, state of the art hosting for your websites.


    All of this you get for FREE, which is the great attraction for most people. By gaining all this training and knowledge you can go in any direction you want with your business. That is what is unique with WA, especially when comparing it with other programs in the industry. If you really want to build your own business online, you will definitely LOVE the Wealthy Affiliate.




    If I would take long time to go through all PROS, I would need to sit here until tomorrow, typing to cover it all. You are probably more interested if there are any CONS with this, cause I guess this all sounds little to good to be true. But it is true, trust me on this!

    Nevertheless, I heard some people have trouble following courses. I can understand that to some point cause all these members are people with different age and background. We don`t all have the same capacity to process new information and follow the material. It is the only the question of habit.


    Instead of taking it at their own pace, some people obviously get overwhelmed and unconsciously rush through the process. Courses, including all other material, are so simple to follow that it can`t be made more simple or any better. So, I don`t think that WA is to blame for this.

    Learning how to do business online also mean changing inside, in your thinking, and that part we need to fix for ourselves. But, this is also something you can discuss within WA community. Get it out in the open and you will see that others are in the same boat. Exchange experience, learn and move on with the business.

    Seriously, even with my most suspicious and critical mind, I can not not find anything that I can bring up as CONS when it comes to WA.




    Anybody who really wants to learn how to build the business online for REAL. Since you need no previous experience or knowledge about the subject, it is phenomenal place to start for beginners. You can avoid all these fruitless attempts to get into affiliate marketing, as it was in my case.

    Experienced marketers will benefit from it immensely as well, cause the training is top level. Regardless of how knowledgeable you are there is always place for some improvements.




    Well, here we are talking about true abundance! The amount of it is simply amazing. Every single aspect of affiliate marketing is covered to a last detail, and every tool provided.

    Let me show you how it looks like inside. As an example, this is the first lesson of starter course together with the welcome from Kyle and Carson.



    And, this only the beginning. Training continues, level after level. Eventually, sooner than you think, you will reach the point of being expert, running your own business in high speed.




    Support, similar to the training and tools, is one of a kind. There are several different aspects of it, so you only need to choose the most suitable one at the moment you need it. Response time can vary, but you usually get help very quickly, sometimes within minutes.

    • As I have already said, you have a whole community available for help.
    • You can contact Kyle and Carson directly, but they are not only experts available.
    • There are many, so called “ambassadors”, high ranking members/experts that you can connect with and ask for anything.
    • There is a website support
    • Live chat where you can join and ask for help directly within the second. This is usually the fastest way.




    Joining WA is FREE. There are no up-sells or any hidden costs whatsoever. And, you can build your business from this level without ever going premium. If you choose to go premium, which cost $47 a month, you get absolutely everything available.
    Take a look at the banner below!



    One more thing! You also have the possibility to go for yearly membership which is cheaper than monthly. It is $359, which is basically a dollar a day.


    FINAL OPINION & Your Special Bonus


    The best

    The best

    Let me put it this way! There is a countless number of affiliate programs on the internet. Most of them are either scams or programs of low value, meaning, you won`t get far working with them. Than, there are some good programs out there that may give you something in various degrees. And than, there is Wealthy Affiliate, THE ULTIMATE!

    The uniqueness of WA is that it GIVES YOU the power. It gives you the knowledge that goes beyond just making some money online. Regardless of what happens in the world, calamity and financial crises, once you learn the affiliate marketing within WA- you will always be able to build great business online for yourself.

    When I joined the WA I already had some knowledge and results in the field. But after I joined I advanced in the way that it is difficult to describe. Before WA I was walking, after I joined, I was running like Ben Johnson.

    I can`t recommend WA high enough, and for that reason I`m giving it the best mark- 10/10!





    Once you join, set up your account! It is easy to do, you will be walked through it once you are inside. I will also get in touch with you upon joining to welcome you and give you your bonus, including the action-taker bonus to begin with.

    If you decide to become a premium within the first 7 days you will get the discount of 59% (action-taker bonus) for your first month.
    You will also receive my full personal support and guidance as part of your bonus. All my years of experience and knowledge will be at your disposal whenever you need it, including a lot of great stuff that will improve your experience of WA and speed up your success!

    You are having some great time ahead of you!

    Feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions, and DROP ME A COMMENT below!


    So, see you inside!



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      12 Responses to Wealthy Affiliate Review, By My Own Experience

      1. not easy to follow the training when you are beginning in the technical part for website design and content… all the best

        • Igor.P says:


          I understand that. When you first start with it is the most critical moment. Just keep it going and you will see that it will be much easier as you progress. If you need any assistance, just let me know!

          Thanks for the comment!


      2. Lukas says:


        This is really nice review packed with very useful information.
        I also like the look to your website. Nice, clean & easy to read. Great work!! Keep it up.


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Lucas!

          Well, thank you! I appreciate the comment. I am trying to do my best in presenting it to the people easily and with no unnecessary complications.

      3. Paul says:

        Hi Igor, you are absolutely right in what you say about the Wealthy Affiliate Business Opportunity and it’s great to have so many members from different countries sharing their experiences. The key feature for me was that you can try WA out free and with no upfront costs or credit card details which gave me enough time to decide whether I wanted to continue or not. I of course continued and haven’t looked back since.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Paul!

          I agree with you. I also think that possibility to try it out for free is the key feature with WA. People don`t know in the beginning, and this gives them the chance to look around and see if it is for them.

          Thanks for the comment!


      4. Leona says:

        Great summary of WA Igor! I agree with you when it comes to getting overwhelmed and rushing through the courses.. I have to remind myself at times to not get over my head and take my time building the site up. You’ve got a nice clean website coming along that makes for easy reading.. I wish you nothing but the best!

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Leona!

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We all get overwhelmed, but that is not the problem if we develop the habit to relax when we notice that it is happening. It`s all part of the training.

          All the best to you too!


      5. Magnus says:

        Hi again Igor.

        I just studied the info in this review and I must say, it sounds really good. It seems like Wealthy Affiliate is what I have been looking for. I love the fact that I can get in for free and see it all with my own eyes first. It is giving the trust. I will definitely try it out. Great info! Thanks!


        • Igor.P says:

          Hello again!

          Wise decision Magnus! Trust me. If you give it time and some work, doing it all in you pace, you can`t fail. I am here to help you all the way. See you inside!


      6. Glenn says:

        Hi am Glenn I have been a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate for 2 months and its been very stressful and difficult to make any kind of progress with my word press site and coming up with content. There are so many video tutorials and some are outdated as far as word press so I’m so over whelmed so many opinions in W.A live chats about how to do this and that I get very confused.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Glenn!

          I know how I feel, i have been in exactly the same position in the past and I can tell you, there is only one way of dealing with that – Keep Going! Seriously, try to remember the last time you were dealing with something new and nailed it gracefully at the first attempt! Do you have any kind of experience that would fit that criteria? Personally, I don`t.

          You are supposed to follow the main educational course at first within WA, forget about everything else in the meantime, and when you are done with it you will have a great foundation and buildup. Then you look for the upgrades in form of new possible strategies and ways to further build your website. I knw it is overwhelming at first, that is why you need the primary education.

          Try to focus only on the step that is in front of you and slowly go from there. WA is now very big place and try to remember that many members are at the different levels, with different issues. You can`t follow just about every topic. Focus only on your work.

          I wish you very best, and good luck! If you need anything else, don`t hesitate to ask, I am here to help!


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