Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories

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    I do not believe there is a better way of showing the true value of Wealthy Affiliate than showing you few real stories of success that some members have managed to achieve. Stories of this kind are many within WA and I will not cover all of them of course! I have chosen 3 of them that I personally like, all based on how much they reveal.

    I have already posted one such story in one of my previous articles and you can find it HERE! But all these stories actually cover two constantly repeated questions – Does WA work and how long does it take to start making money with it?

    Yes, it does work and time for reaching the success(money) is different for everybody. It depends on:

    How much work you can put into it on daily basis.
    How quickly you can assimilate what you learn and put it into practice.
    What you choose to do in form of your niche and general direction of your business.
    How badly you actually want it!?

    There are certainly more factors that can contribute to the development of your business but these I mentioned are common ones.


    The Mindset


    WA is actually affiliate marketing business school and every member is there for the same reason – to break the mundane life and create a better one for themselves! This is a pretty big thing to do when you think about it, and yet, also pretty easy to do if you can influence your own mindset and make it work for you.

    Every general life situation corresponds to a certain mindset and if you want to start working for yourself, you need a new mindset that can make this possible for you. Do not be alarmed, you do not change your thinking by dumb repetition of affirmations or doing similar self-improvement rubbish.

    Your mindset will be automatically changed and arranged properly as you go through training. It is the knowledge that will create the new mindset, and since it is all laid out for you, all you need to do is the daily work.

    When I say daily work I do not mean you need to force yourself to anything. The charm of this kind of work is that it gives you the freedom to do what you like, when you like it. So, do nothing if you feel so certain days. It is not the competition. Just never give up and enjoy the ride as much as you possibly can.

    So read these stories below, each and every one is unique and will provide you a different view on WA. That is the reason I am putting more than one, this way you can compare. After that, join the WA, it will probably be one of the best decisions you ever made. It was certainly so for me!


    Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate


    Story 1

    Story 2

    Story 3




    Do not forget to leave me some comments below!



    To your success!

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