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    Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate

    Basically every new member of Wealthy Affiliate have one question in mind when they first join the community – Is it really working as they say it does? More or less, everybody sign up after reading some WA review which is always highly positive and recommending to join.

    WA reviews are always positive because you can not honestly make the negative WA review. So this was exactly the question I had in my mind when I joined, and I remember the feeling very well.

    I have been a member myself for quite a while now and it is not something I think about anymore, but I am constantly reminded of it as I am watching new members taking their first peek into the community activities.

    As a new member you may get overwhelmed by the amount of educational material and the size of the community. It is over 400 000 members at this point and the number will most definitely continue to rise. But this feeling of confusion is not necessary and my advice to you is – take it slow, give yourself some time to get familiar with everything first!


    Actually, it is very simple!


    Let me ask you a question since you have already been playing with the idea of your own online business, otherwise you would not be here reading this. If you would meet somebody who did it successfully, built the website and is making a lot of money from it every month, what would you ask that person?

    Would you be curious of how he/she did it? Would you ask the person to help you do the same? Well, that is exactly what you get inside of WA. You get the access to many people like that, people who did it already and they are all available to help you out if you are interested in building your own business.

    Keep that in mind when you first join, it will help a lot.

    Upon joining, you have a time of education ahead of you. This education is divided into parts/courses and every one contain 10 lessons. This is what you start with and you will be doing this until you have gone through all courses.

    That is the main goal and basically it is the very CORE of WA.


    WA education

    WA education


    The problem for many occurs when they start paying attention to activities of other members which is related to many different aspects of the business (pic below, activities highlighted). This creates confusion and the overwhelming feeling of having too much upon them and they get scared. They start thinking – I will never get so far, this is too much.


    Questions and Support

    Questions and Support


    One step at the time!


    In reality this is not realistic thought. If you start with the training as you were meant to do, then there will be no place for any confusion. People who created the education knew exactly what they were doing and the training is top notch.

    Let me put it this way, when I joined I was pretty knowledgeable in affiliate marketing but had no results before that. Why?
    Honestly, I was not knowledgeable enough! In other words, I have not gone through their training at that point, that is why!

    Let me ask you something else. If you knew that this works well and that you will get the training that lead to successful online business, how much of your time and energy would you be willing to invest?

    Would you be willing to work 3, 6 months or maybe a year to do it?

    If your answer is yes then all you need to do is to get it started. I am telling you it is difficult to fail if you do it, but I guess you need to take it on faith at first. You will otherwise never know whether what I am telling you is true or not!

    In order to maybe help you out with this, watch this video that has been created by one of very successful members/contributors that covers one of basic issues beginners face. It seems that around 3 months in, many members give up because of luck of desired results.


    THE VIDEO - 3 Month Wall

    THE VIDEO – 3 Month Wall


    To summarize a whole thing: Do not overthink the process, just start with the training and keep it going until you finish it, that is all! As you progress you may face some issues, and when you do, ask for assistance.

    I guarantee you, you will get effective help immediately and you will resolve any issue you may have. It is all there, you just need to take it and use it, that is all!

    Remember, many members are already reached the level of success you want and they gladly share what they know, is that not amazing!

    If you have any issues or concerns, let me know by LEAVING A COMMENT BELOW!



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