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    Must Have a Website

    Must Have a Website

    It does not matter how big business you are running at the moment, you must have website in order to get the maximum out of it. This applies to offline businesses as well, cause we live in times when internet is taking over basically all business activities. You can`t afford to miss all aspects of it and leave the money on the table.

    I was surprised to meet the guy online, just recently, who does his business without the website. He is selling his products on EBay both from himself and some suppliers he work with, and he claims to have pretty decent profits. So I guess it is possible to run some kind of business without the website, but still, he is missing out a great deal of possibilities.

    Trust me, you must have website and it is no problem to get one. You do not need any technical skills to create one and work with it. This is exactly the reason why I am writing this article, to inform you of where and how to get it.


    Website And Hosting


    When we talk about website we are automatically talking about hosting as well. Some people outsource this by buying the hosting from HostGator or other similar service. There are many out there. Some of them are good and some are not so good.

    Some people invest in their own servers but I can not cover that in this article cause I never did that myself and do not know how to do that. As I already said, you do not need any technical skills in order to crate and run a website and I definitely fall into this category of people.

    I use service that is already completely worked out and I will tell you about it in the minute. But hosting is very important and it needs to be good. Otherwise your website may suffer if you are working towards good SEO and SERPs.


    The Best Website Resource


    So where do you get this complete solution for website and hosting simultaneously? The answer is simple;- Wealthy Affiliate!
    Now, the wealthy Affiliate is more than just a website and state of the art hosting provider! It is also a complete and best business and affiliate marketing education in the world. Big words, ha?

    It seems so but it is true! I am not biased here cause I do not own WA. Two very cleaver and great gentleman from British Columbia (Kyle and Carson) do, I am just a member who is using their services. They provide you with absolutely everything you need in order to start, build up and fully develop your business.

    Now, you may not need all these things they provide when it comes to education, but the websites and hosting are always needed. Maybe you know how to run your business and already worked it out. Actually, it was my situation when I first joined. I did it because I wanted the best resource for business/websites, I did not even think about the education.

    But I benefited from that part so much that it would be hard to explain in one article. Many people build the website but do not really know what to do with it after they installed everything. So this is where you can get help with that, if you need it.


    WA Review

    WA Review


    Simple Process


    Let me point out few things about it cause I will not get into much detail here. Read the detailed review of it above. It takes like 30 seconds to install the website and it is all worked out. You get the detailed instructions of how to do that. You can build two websites for free and you never need to pay for membership if you so desire. You can just stay as free member and run your business with your websites.

    The monthly membership is $47, but you can go for yearly membership which is even cheaper than that;- $359 a year. As payed member you get all what WA offers with unlimited number of websites.


    WA Website Builder

    WA Website Builder


    I suggest you to go for payed membership cause you will need it in order to get your business going successfully. The price is insignificant compared to the success it will help you get. And let me tell you one more thing; if you will run the website you may face problems from time to time, and you will need support.

    The support offered within WA is maybe the best part of it. Seriously, these guys are amazing! I needed help with unknown issues couple of times by now, and once I could not even explain the problem to them. Longest period of time it took for them to resolve the issue was 30 minutes. This kind of assistance is very important to have and I suggest you to seriously consider using their services.


    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask and leave me the comment below.



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