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    Knowing what the Meta Description Tag is, and what to do with it, is one of few things every webmaster need to know. It has always been related to content and SEO but, as we know, Google has made a number of updates in the past. This means that some things has changed and been affected, so it is vital to know the place it has within the puzzle now.


    Meta Description Tag

    Meta Description Tag


    For any content website that you run, few practices are vital in order to get the maximum out of it, and get your business going:

    Keyword research
    How to create content, for reader and SEO.
    Meta Description and Meta Keywords


    What has changed?


    Google is constantly working to find the best and most relevant results for every search, and all updates has been done towards that goal. In the past it rewarded link building for better ranking but that is now gone. It is just one example of it. It is still desirable to build outbound links to you pages but it should be done as a part of effective marketing purposes, not for SEO.

    For the time efficiency, this is good to know in order to focus only on things that matter to your business.

    It is the same with meta keywords. In the past, putting a lot of keywords in the keyword tag was important for SEO. But today, Google do not even look at it. It does not make any difference anymore, so leave that tag blank.

    That was a part of strategy that many marketers used before to impress search engines, but clearly with the updates, Google removed it from the equation, together with keyword stuffing of the content. Quality content is the most essential part of SEO today, and it need to be created with the reader in mind, not the search engines.


    Meta Description


    Meta description is a text snippet that appears with the title in the search results. Meta description is still very important, but if you use All in One SEO plugin like I do, you can leave it blank as well. Let me explain why!

    There are two reasons why meta description is important:

    1. Seo.

    When you write your content based on a particular keyword, you probably know that your keyword need to appear in title, in the first paragraph of text and in your meta description. After that, you write the content naturally for the reader.

    But why to place the keyword in the first paragraph? Because it will then appear in meta description as well. If you use All in One SEO plugin, the first 160 character spaces of the article text will be automatically used for the meta description, so naturally you want to place your keyword within this part of text.

    This is part of good SEO and it helps with the other important role meta description have – CTR.

    2. CTR

    CTR(Click Through Rate) is a rate that shows how often visitors are compelled to click on your link. The title of your article/content is important and you should always create the title that captures the intention from the reader, but it is ultimately the meta description that closes the deal and get the intention from visitors.

    If you do not use All in One SEO plugin, you need to write meta description manually. You simply make a short description of what you offer in your article. Think of it like writing a short ad with your USP(unique selling proposition) . Or, it does not have to be a selling proposition, just a quick interesting info of what is found within your page. A taste of value!

    That is what the meta description tag really is for.

    If you have any question regarding this subject, leave me a comment below!



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