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    When to Quit Your Job?

    When to Quit Your Job?

    There is no definitive guideline of when to quit your job, cause this is a kind of decision we all need to make for ourselves separately. We are all different, which means, we do not all have the same approach to things and we do not all cherish the same values. What works for you may be the most dreadful thing to me.

    I recently wrote an article about having a job in general and I compared it to slavery. It is here on this website. It is the way I see it and I know very well that many people out there would criticize me for those claims. For many people throughout the world, having a job is the livelihood itself, the only way to keep themselves alive.

    I guess, only the certain type of people would read this article or find it in the first place. I am not saying:- quit your job and do nothing! What i am proposing is to quit your job for the sake of better living! But let me give my own examples to explain what I mean.


    When Did I Quit My Job?


    Having a job does not necessarily mean a good quality of living. Here in West, we are used to certain living standards and we have jobs that seem to be attractive. We often even choose what we want to do. This is not much the case in so called- underdeveloped countries, where people do things that we would not even think of.

    Still, I have mostly seen the heavy dissatisfaction and silent misery even here where I live, and it was all relating to job situations. Personally, I have quit my job twice in my life and went to nothing. No work whatsoever. And both times I have experienced relief that really felt good. So something was right with that, otherwise I would not feel that good about it.


    First time

    When I did it, it was a 15 years ago. I was much younger and the reason why I did it was that I simply hated it. I worked on assembling line, putting things together, which was very tedious and boring. I had that job for 10 months only, and despite everybody telling me to keep it, I felt I could not spend a one more day doing it.

    This gave me an insight; If the job is not fulfilling, drop it immediately! Life is to short to waste it on such thing!

    You may think this is philosophical way of looking at things, but the way I see it, it is just smart. You spend at least 40 hours a week working and your life pass you by while you are stuck in some stinking factory or office. If you think this is a stupid view than, by all means, continue yours!

    So I dropped it and accepted the uncertainty. Yes, my personal economy was suffering but I felt good. In time, things changed to the better and I found something better.


    Second time

    This time things played out quite differently. I had this job for more than 10 years and in the beginning it was a good deal. But things changed and I could see the process form the different angle. I realized after some time that I can`t spend my whole life doing this neither. On top of that, I somehow knew that the good deal will not remain that good forever.

    I was soon to become 40 years old, and the thought of starting to work for myself was coming to my mind more often than ever. The realization that there is no happiness in working for someone else was changing me inside, and I started looking for solutions to that “problem”.

    What happened after that was a long process of starting my entrepreneurial efforts, while in the same time the situation at my work started to turn real bad, just as I predicted it. For a few years, I was working while in the same time I was learning online stuff in order to build my own business. This process was difficult.

    What I learned here is simply the realization that until we take things into our hands and take full responsibility for ourselves, we will most likely get only crumbs from the table of life. Our way of life would be living by default! Things we get will never be our own choice!

    I have quit this second job almost 2 years ago. Even this time I took a risk. My business was taking a shape at that time but I was not 100% it will work all together. It did, but it took a while until it fully developed. I work now online, running my own businesses, and having a time of my life.


    Final Word


    As I said, nobody can tell us when to quit our jobs cause it is a question of self-development. But I would say, when you feel tired of it and especially when you feel it lacking the internal fulfillment;- quit right away! Waste no more time!

    On top of that, go your own way and create your own opportunities if you can. Even if you fail doing that, you will always feel enriched, and eventually, you will make it!

    Feel free to disagree with me, I am not saying I am right. I am only sharing my insights and experience. I have worked a lot to get where I am now. This website is created to present you actual businesses that you can start with right now, and it is a great help in order to start changing your “job” situation. Examine it, find those, and start changing your situation too!

    Leave me the comment below, even if it is only a criticism!


    All the best!

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