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    Work From Home

    Work From Home

    Many people around the world are looking for ways to work from home and jobs that are not scams. This basically means online jobs, and the task of finding suitable opportunities is not easy cause the presence of online scams is simply overwhelming. They are everywhere.

    My estimate is that for every valuable opportunity, there is at least 100, if not 1000 scams out there.

    The valuable information or tips is therefore worth gold. It can be difference between a secured financial future for you and your family, or total uncertainty. But the question is – is there any good and solid solution to this, or at least an answer to this question?

    Are there any real jobs that can be done from the comfort of your home that are real, and not scams?

    The answer to this is simple – yes they are! And I will tell you about two real, legit and very lucrative online opportunities in a second. But before I do that let me make a little correction to the question and point out one important thing. Online work/job tends to be a little different from work in the outside world.

    In the outside world, job is a job! You are employee and you do what your employer is expecting you to do. You work for money/salary, which is basically fixed amount, and there is not much you can do to affect it. You may get the raise from time to time but basically you will only make so much money that it is enough to pay your bills, and maybe just a little more.

    You will always be just above the existential minimum!

    Online “jobs” are very different from that. They are not jobs but businesses, and the difference between those two is huge. When you do business, the responsibility is yours. It brings challenges and it forces you to think and work differently, but once you get it going, it is very satisfying, rewarding and lucrative.

    The best thing with business is that you can directly affect the level of your earnings, and raise it without limit!


    What possibilities are actually available?


    The internet is huge, it is as big as the world we live in and it is constantly growing, so nobody know exactly everything that is in it. But once a certain level of understanding of how it is structured is there, you realize that all possibilities fall into one of few general categories.

    Basically they are following:


    Providing services.

    This usually look more like regular job. This can be anything that is needed or offered online: surveys, copy-writing, web-mastering and so on…

    It is possible to make decent living doing those but some of them I do not recommend. Jobs like surveys are not lucrative, you may try it for yourself but you will discover that time invested is not good equivalent to very poor earnings.

    So these jobs are not scams and many people make some money providing these services on regular basis. If you have certain skills you can offer to others, you can easily do it on places like Fiverr. It would be a good place to start.

    Also, if you create account on LinkedIn and take a look around you will see a lot of different possibilities available for different kinds of professionals. The fact is, these days every company in every business segment out there has already established its online presence.

    But if you are not a professional of some kind this will be nothing to you. For people who are new to online work, I recommend affiliate marketing.


    Affiliate marketing.

    Now we are talking! This is something that many people do one way or another, but most fail to do it successfully. This is because of the lack of proper education, which is actually possible to get. This is business, not a job, even though it is about providing service to others.

    I highly recommend this because nothing is as powerful as this line of work. Affiliate marketing is something that can easily secure your future, if you learn how to do it properly.


    Network Marketing.

    This relates to MLM (Multi Level Marketing), something that most people run away from when you mention it, but I think you should reconsider this view. Yes, vast majority of MLM “businesses” are pure junk and I do not argue against that, but I will present you a business that is partially MLM and certainly one of the best business opportunities out there in the present moment.


    The question is – what do you want to achieve?


    If you are only interested in making some extra money while keeping your present day job, than by all means, do surveys and similar things. You can make money doing that but it will not be much. Again, in my opinion it is not worth doing. I did it myself long time ago, so I know.

    Once I made $170 once for a whole month doing surveys, and if this kind of money satisfies you, survey jobs are easy to find. Just search the Google for it, sign up and you will start with no cost whatsoever.

    But if you are more ambitious than this (which I think you should be), and are interested in long term career making $5000, $10 000 or more in monthly profits, then you need to get into affiliate and network marketing. I am not saying you will reach this kind of earnings over night, but in time you can definitely achieve that.

    When it comes to affiliate marketing I have already said that very small percentage of people are successful doing it, and it all depends on the lack of education. Those who made it are those who have figured it out on their own, but it is unnecessary to go through that trouble. It is much easier to get the education.

    There is only one school in the world where you can learn this properly, and this is Wealthy Affiliate. For details, just click on the picture below.


    WA Review

    WA Review


    Wealthy Affiliate is really life-changing if you go through the education it provides. It will take some time cause it is a business school, but the success is unavoidable if follow the program and do the work!

    Network Marketing is a tricky thing because most “opportunities” of this kind are dead end, even though they are not scams. It is because most MLM models are just that – MLM. They offer no product or service of value you can work with, and it all depends on your ability to persuade others to join you, which is of course almost impossible to do.

    If you manage to get others to join, you actually make money, so you can not say they are fraud or scam. But the impossibility of it makes it to appear like a scam. They are in the grey zone between the scam and validity.

    Personally, I would never do this line of work myself and I would normally advise you to stay away, but there is an incredible exception to this and that is Sherlock Nation. Click the picture below for all details!


    Sherlock Nation Review

    Sherlock Nation Review


    What is the difference between SN and every other MLM thing out there?

    • First, there is a whole range of product/services that you work with, and many different possibilities available to use them in various ways.
    • Second, the product is free! You share it for no cost which means there is no selling involved.
    • And third, the MLM/prospecting part of this is not necessary to do because products you work with are services that have repetitive usage, which means that income is residual! You can skip prospecting entirely if you wish to and still create huge level of monthly income.

    This is extremely powerful! Usually when you work with products, you sell them and you need to keep selling them month after month. The Sherlock Nation product is the app technology and once it is shared with the costumers they will use it continuously for a long time, and that creates the residual income.



    You have been looking for a ways to work from home and jobs that are not scams, but legit and real. Now you know about two, very powerful business opportunities online that will give you the prosperity you desire.

    I suggest you to take your time and consider them seriously cause they will change your life in the way you hoped is possible by working from home. But this will happen only if you are determined and dedicated to make this happen. All education for these businesses are available, so you will never wonder around not knowing how to do it.

    You are free to contact me if you have any questions and you will find my contact info on About me page. If you have some comments, please leave them below!



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      16 Responses to Work From Home Jobs That Are Not Scams

      1. netp says:

        Hiya – I’m a WA member too and agree, it is life changing. However, I was interested in what you said about surveys – to be honest, I’d always thought you could just make pennies and you have to put in hours work. How much time did you have to put in to make $170 in a month? Is there a survey site you recommend? Cheers

        • Igor.P says:


          No there is nothing I can recommend when it comes to surveys. Actually, I would recommend to everybody to not waste their time on doing it. I made that money one month long time ago. I decided to push it to the maximum for one month and see how far I can go. I used few services simultaneously and really spent countless hours taking every survey available.

          It didn`t take me a week to realize that it is not worth doing. I reached that sum mostly because I did few surveys that payed little more, like $25 or so. I do not remember all details now cause it was around 5 years ago, but that is how it went. Basically, surveys are a waste of time, too much work for too low rewards.

          My suggestion is to be more ambitious, to learn and build a real business. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate you are in the perfect position to that. Just keep going and the rest is a matter of time!

          Thanks for the comment!


      2. Chris says:

        I hope your page can reach many more people who are trying to find out about the online world of working from home. I know many people will be happy with Wealthy Affiliate. In fact Wealthy Affiliate is one platform that I can say will not let you down because of the wide variety of keyword and WordPress tools within the system.

        Good Stuff!


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Chris!

          Yes, you are right! The Wealthy Affiliate is unique and definitely the best thing out there that is available to start the successful business online. That is why I promote it. I just tell people about it, that is all. And as you say, most are very satisfied with it, which is not strange considering the fact that it offers everything you ever need to succeed. Those who are willing to put some time and effort to learn and work, reach the success they desire, without exception.

          Thanks! I appreciate the comment!

          All the best!

      3. Matteo Padovan says:

        Hi Igor, I am a member of Wealthy affiliate too and I can say that this community is absolutely GREAT! And also the courses provide a lot of detailed info and literaly TEACH you a new job.
        I wanted to ask you, as you tested various methods to make money online, have you ever heard of OMGmachines?
        I visited their website but in the end didn’t buy their course as it costs too much money.
        I just wanted to find someone to tell me if this is worth it.
        Cheers :)

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Matteo!

          Very well said, I never thought of that myself, it is totally a new profession! I am used to it now but at times in the past, I was not aware of that.

          I have never heard of OMGmachines before but I may try it out to evaluate it. The things is, for the last two months I was testing the Infinity Profit System which was rather costly en-devour. But I had to do it in order to make real and educated review. IPS is MLM, and as such, the bad one!

          The rule of thumb, if you are looking at some “business”, look for the service or product that it deals with. You will see that very often there is none, like in case of IPS, which means you will not get anywhere with it. Sometimes there is a product or service but the value of it is too low, it ends up being the same. You see, it is not enough to establish whether some “opportunity” is a scam or not. Even if it turns to not be a scam, it does not mean that it is a good business opportunity.

          Wealthy Affiliate is safe haven and I suggest you to continue studying, cause the truth is, there are no methods on money making out there. There is only a serious business and WA teaches that like nobody else. If WA premium membership would be scrutinized through it`s value, it would cost at least $1000 a month but luckily it is not so. My suggestion is to stay where you are and continue that path.

          If you are looking for another well-working business besides the WA, then take a look at Sherlock Nation on this website. It is the only business I know of that is on the same level as WA in its value. But it is a network marketing business and if you feel you are interested in it, let me know!

          Thanks for the comment and I wish you best of luck with your business!


      4. Jess says:

        Hello, Igor!

        Great article on work from home jobs that are not scams! Wealthy Affiliate is a great community with excellent training, I am a member myself and this has changed my life!

        I have never heard of the Sherlock Nation before. Is this something that you use yourself? I am very cautious about using something new just because of how many horrible products that are out there. I am open to trying it though if you recommend it highly =)


        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Jess!

          I have just been mentioning the Sherlock Nation to Matteo who`s comment I answered a minute ago. I recommend SN highly, and I never recommend something I do not successfully put to work first. As I have described in the article, it is a great business, real opportunity for a very long and successful career. But it is different from WA cause it is a network marketing business.

          Still, I advise everybody to do research before even consider it cause despite the fact that it is a great business opportunity, it does not mean it fits everybody. It demands a certain set of skills to do it properly which lie outside of the realm of affiliate marketing. Needed skills are taught within the team and all education is available, but as I said, it is not for everybody.

          If you are interested to learn more I suggest to study my review first and if it is not enough, I will meet you and show you more. That is all that can be done to get the info.

          Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it!


      5. troy says:

        One thing I know in this day and age, working for someone else, they do view you with little significance when compared to their overall purpose, and therefore they are able to abandoned you at anytime. I am not saying don’t work for someone just dont expect much in return compared to being self-employed.

        • Igor.P says:

          Hi Troy!

          I could not agree with you more! I have been having this kind of conversation with people, mainly because I make living working for myself online which many still believe is impossible, and I do not like working for others for reasons you mention. Just like you, I am not saying do not work for others, but be realistic about it and realize you are just an asset to your employers needs and business plan. That is why he can dump you at any time, cause he will easily replace you with somebody else.

          Being self-dependent is challenging cause everything is up to you, but rewards are so big and come to those who are persistent on this path. Yes, it took me few years to get where I am, mostly because dead ends and uneducated attempts, but it was worth every effort I put into it (I learned a lot through failures). I did not want to be an asset to somebody else, but to me, that was the driving force that carried me through.

          These days I tell people about possibilities that are available out there. That is all it is needed together with some determination and focus to become independent!

          Thanks for sharing, I appreciate it!


      6. Edmund says:

        Hi Igor!

        Thanks for recommending various legitimate work from home jobs in this well-written article.

        I am looking ways to earn some extra income during my spare time at home. Sherlock Nation is particularly interesting and you so highly recommends it.

        May I ask, how much effort and time did you spend on this MLM to see results?

        • Igor.P says:

          Hello Edmund!

          Well, I have been writing about that before but the situation has changed pretty much since the beginning of this year. All website material has been done and everything is in place so I work as much as I meet people on skype.

          The interest for this business has been pretty big so I had many inquiries, lot of e-mails from people. I schedule at least 10-15 skype meetings Monday to Friday but in December last year and January this year it was more. Putting it all together in effective work it would be around 10 hours a week but sometimes meetings take a little longer, it depends on the individual.

          When it comes to distribution, it is all done on the website, I rarely give away the app meeting people personally. It happens but not that often. These are basic activities these days.

          I hope it describes it, thanks!


      7. Francisco says:

        I have been a WA member for a while now, and I have to say that it has been an eye-opener for me. I’ve learned a lot over the last several months. To be honest, I am not familiar with Sherlock Nation, so I will have to go and give that a look. Thank you for posting this valuable information

        – Francisco

        • Igor.P says:


          I am glad you found WA, cause it is really great education when it comes to affiliate marketing. It was the same for me, and I am sure, for almost every other member. Take a look at the rest, and if it is anything you wonder about, let me know. Thanks for the comment!


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